08 December 2010

Introducing Baby Big Foot!

This is the book I am making for the little baby growing in my belly/uterus.  I was inspired by this lady:  http://blog.hannamac.com/tag/mama-mias-maternity-book/ While I am not nearly as talented, I thought it would be a ton of fun! 
You should start at the bottom of the post and work your way up :)

30 October 2010

Proof I still love my camera

Visited Chicago for a work conference.  Really love this bridge!

Ben and I took a couple photos of ourselves....didn't go so hot that day.

Took my Lil Sis and another BBBS match to a cool pumpkin patch.

For some reason Photoshop does not want me to use it right now.  More photos soon.  I just got a new lens for the camera.  Lovin' it!

07 October 2010


Welp, needless to say by the lack of posts....we have not made much progress on our list and my camera has been in hibernation.  Boo.

I have a couple goals to check off....

50.            Make a curry based dish. 9/21/10
             I made an Indiana recipe out of my Better Homes and Gardens  
             Magazine. It ended up unexciting and bland.  Boo.       

76.            Write one of my legislatures about an issue important to me (Leitia). 9/21/10
         I work in the world of hunger relief with my new job.  There has been a child nutrition bill up in Congress, and I CALLED my House Rep to let him know my opinion!  Hopefully I take action on other issues in the future too!

94.            Spend time with two friends I haven’t seen in a year (Leitia). (6/2) 9/2010
        I blew this goal out of the water!  Shortly after hanging with my friend Cassie, I met up with Leslie a friend from my Ball State days.  She had been in East Asia the past couple of years...Then I went to her shower and wedding and saw other old friends.
        THEN a few weeks ago, a group of people I went to high school with and hadn't seen for 5+ years got together.  I still cannot believe it happened!  Here is a shot of the crew.

04 September 2010

Checkin' Off: 2, 7, 11,15, 65

2. Buy a four door car with air conditioning. 8/30/10
        We got a new car! It is a Pontiac Vibe and we love it.  I finally get to ditch my old '93 Grand Am with all its annoyances: No air, windows frost on the INSIDE during winter, rear defrost does not work, need to use pliers to turn heat on and off, blown out radio speakers, floorboards get soaked when it rains, etc.  BUT THAT CAR WAS SO GOOD TO ME! Can't complain too much :)

7. Get a job (Leitia). 8/18/10
         I am the new Agency Relations Coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana.  So happy!  Check out our website: www.curehunger.org
11. Hang up our own photos in the house. 9/3/10 
        I spray painted these frames orange to go in our freshly painted laundry room and finally put up some of the photos that I have taken...hopefully others will soon follow!
15. Paint the laundry room. 8/8/10 
     DURING (I was less than thrilled to be painting.)
     BEFORE (when my momma moved out)

65. Remember Grandma Webb’s birthday on August 19. 8/20/10
        I major failed on this one.  Last year, my Grandma invited Ben and I to go out to eat with her and my grandpa.  I later found out from my dad that it was her birthday the day we went out with them.  I had no clue.  Horrible granddaughter.  This is the grandma who NEVER forgets anyone's birthday, anniversary, etc.  So all year I have been planning to do something special for her birthday, had my calendar marked for the 19th.  Turns out her birthday is the 20th.  What is wrong with me? 
In Progress
94. Spend time with two friends I haven’t seen in a year (Leitia). (1/2)
         I forgot my camera.  Boo.  I had dinner with the lovely Cassie Eldridge who was my first IU friend.  We lived together two years.  She now is living in California.  It was so good to see her.
20. Read 30 books each. (Ben: 1/30, Leitia: 4/30)
Added: Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen

03 September 2010

Beutiful Baby Book

Do I need to post or what?  We have checked off some really big things on our 101 in 1001 list...but with that means we have been BUSY!  I hope to post on them this weekend.  

In the meantime, check out this idea that a photographer is doing for her baby.  When/if I am preggers, I want to do something like this.  Beautiful.  http://blog.hannamac.com/2010/08/30/mama-mias-maternity-book/

Check out all her sweet baby pics too! :)

13 August 2010

Making Progress and done with 57!

57. Go to a White Sox game.
Yay!  It was a lot of fun...although pro baseball games are sooo slow and the Sox lost.  Boo.  There was an amazing fireworks show afterwards and it was fun getting to see parts of Chicago I had never seen before.  Also got to have delicious pizza at Connie's Pizza. Yum!

Making Progress
6. Watch all Oscar winning Best Pictures since 1990. (8/23)
     Both of us have already watched: No Country for Old Men (07), Crash (05), Titanic (97), Forest Gump (94), The Silence of the Lambs (91)
    Watched in the past week: Slumdog Millionare (08), American Beauty (99), The English Patient (96)

The movies that only one of us has watched, we will watch again.  We had both watched American Beauty before, but I did not really remember it, so we viewed again.  I have determined that I was definetly too young to watch that movie when I first did...and still think I am too young :/  Because we have seen a decent amount of the Best Pictures, I decided to throw ina few classics that I have never seen.  This week was...Gone With the Wind...longest movie ever.

15. Paint the laundry room.
I accomplished this, but have a few finishing touches before I post pictures.

20. Read 30 books each. (Ben: 1/30, Leitia: 3/30)
Added: Beyond Charity by John Perkins
Every Last One by Anna Quindlen
For Ben: The Five Love Languages
I have been wanting to move onto to novels for a while since all I read is social justice Christian stuff.  Made a visit to Oprah's book club...picked Every Last One and it was just what I was looking for.  I am now on my second book by the same author. Woot!

35. Design business cards for at least 5 people (Ben). (1/5)
Ben and a friend from work are starting a small graphic/web design business.  So he has designed his own business card that looks fabulous!  More info to come once their website is up and running!

On another note...this photo of mine won first place in its category at the Mooreland Fair.

22 July 2010

Checkin' Off The List #14,73,82,89

14.            Hang curtains in the bedroom. 7/19/2010
73.            Watch Despicable Me. 7/22/2010
82.            Make a valance for the bathroom. 7/19/2010
89.            Get a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (Leitia). 7/14/2010

We checked four things off the list.  Saw Despicable Me for my Lil Sis's birthday.  It was so funny and sweet.  I always feel like a crazy woman at the movie theater because I cannot keep my emotions silent...I laughed out loud a lot when everyone else was silent. Oh well. I def recommend this movie.  We also finally hung our ikea curtains in the bedroom and I made a valence for the bathroom!  

 Making Progress

20.            Read 30 books each. (Ben: 0/30, Leitia: 1/30) 
 I finished the book "Let Justice Roll Down" by John Perkins.
32.            Brush my teeth twice a day every day for at least one year (Ben).
68.            Build up credit.

Lazy Daisy

Daisy got a hair cut...it always takes me a few days to warm up to her shortened "do."  This is how she spends most of her day while her pops is at work :)

19 July 2010

Weekend shoot and Birthday Party

My Little Sister stayed with us this weekend.  On Saturday, we had a mini shoot...she took some photos of Ben and I...and I took a couple of her. She didn't let me take many.  Here she is...followed by a couple she shot of us ;)  (Also have been practicing black and white conversion in photoshop so I did a couple of those too.)

Later on Saturday, we attended my niece's 4th Birthday party. Here are a few from there.