28 February 2010

Photo Assignment Week 1:Texture

I started my photography class last Tuesday at Jack's Camera Shop.  We had a couple assignments...including texture.  Here are a few of them...plus I have shot in manual all week...and I think I got pretty good exposure!


Here are some others from the weekend.  I have been reading books and blogs like crazy.  There is way more to photography than I ever thought!

24 February 2010

Entering Manual World

Today I took a few shots of my handsome husband...my fist time shooting completely manual on my camera.  It wasn't tooo bad :)

21 February 2010

My First Photo Shoot

My brother humored me in spending the afternoon modeling for me. I told my mom that they could act as his "senior" pictures, not really thinking that they would be good enough. But I surprised myself and think they actually could. I cannot wait to find more volunteers to shoot. It is so fun!

Now presenting, Aaron 'Ervo' Webb...