30 March 2010

Updates and Silhouette

Keeping up with a photo blog is a lot of work...I have been taking photos, but have missed a class so here are just some faves from the past couple weeks.

I made a silhouette...and was really excited!  More practice will leader to better future silhouettes :)

i {heart} faces: Dramatic Black and White

I call this "Behind Closed Doors" ;)

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16 March 2010

i {heart} faces: Bundled Up

I think I am entering too late but will try anyways!  (Not sure about time change:))  Took this shot of my brother.  When I look at it, I feel cold, it just has that look.

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Photo Assignment Week 3: Action

I was really slacking this week on practicing.  However I did manage to get Ben outside and help me practice action/motion for a bout 10 minutes.  I need practice...and a tripod :)

freezing motion

 blurring motion
panning...didn't really work out...i need a lot of practice.  panning is when the subject moving is sharp and the background is blurred.

08 March 2010

i {heart} faces: Jump for Joy

This week's entry....
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Photo Assignment Week 2: Angles

Well, this week my teacher Woody asked us to focus on angles.  (aka not looking at things head on)  Get high, get low, mix it up.  I have already been playing with that so here are just a few photos from my week, mostly my neighborhood

Epiphanie GiveAway!

I am entering another contest...this time to win a fancy camera...way nicer than mine.  Epiphanie, a company that makes lovely camera bags, is sponsoring the contest.  There are several things to do in order to get your name in the drawing.  One is to post about them in my blog...another is to make an Epiphanie Card like the one below.  Check them out here.

07 March 2010

My Husband is a Stud

Ben let my take some photos of him around the house :)

01 March 2010

i Heart Faces: Hilarious Outtakes

I have decided to try and take part in some of the challenges on the "i heart faces" blog.  The blog inspires me, and I think challenges will help me grow...since I have a lot to learn!  

Almost everything about this photo is awful...but this is what I got when I pulled out my new camera and asked my beautiful niece to smile....cracks me up.  The theme this week is "hilarious outtakes"...this is definitely both of those.  Reminds me of Ed the Talking Horse!

You can see more at the site by clicking the button below!