31 May 2010

Niece and Nephew

Let me tell you...it had been three long months since I had seen my beautiful niece and nephew.  Yesterday was my lucky day. 


And this is my cousin, Lacia.  Yep, pronounced just like mine.  Her momma liked my name so much...she took it ;)       

Virginia is for Lovers

We spent a long weekend away on our first trip to Virginia. Went away for my lovely friend's wedding. Camped a couple of nights and enjoyed wedding festivities the rest of the time. We had a wonderful time. Here are a few of my favorites photos from the week. ( I did not take many on the wedding day because I was a busy bridesmaid :)!)

Ben took these next too.  I really enjoyed them, so wanted to share.                                                   

15 May 2010

Growing Up

Ben and I have been growing up...making home improvements....and the latest news...

I MADE A CURTAIN!  Did not even use a needle and thread..just the iron on stitching.  I am pretty proud, and now have plans to create curtains for the whole house.  This one was a little crooked, but it was my first, and was made in less than 30 minutes.

We have both worked on growing flowers (like my tulips earlier), but Ben led our first attempt towards growing edible plants.  He is growing peppers (jalapenos and bells). The bell peppers are not doing so hot...we are playing "wait and see."

13 May 2010

House Church Shenanigans

Here is a sampling of our last house church meeting (aka Bible Study.)  There was a five legged race involved.  Twas fun!

Tulips, Weeds, and the BEST Photo Ever!

Are you ready for the best photo ever....well you have scroll to the bottom for it. :)       

 I tried some templates for the photos this time.  This one is from Coffeeshop.
This one my cute husband made!

 This is my cute husband and cute puppy!  
And now, are you ready?  The best photo ever!                                                                            
This is our pup again, who caused us a lot of grief this week after she wandered off...and was lost for two days.  It was an awful two days, but our baby is back..and we are again a happy family.