04 September 2010

Checkin' Off: 2, 7, 11,15, 65

2. Buy a four door car with air conditioning. 8/30/10
        We got a new car! It is a Pontiac Vibe and we love it.  I finally get to ditch my old '93 Grand Am with all its annoyances: No air, windows frost on the INSIDE during winter, rear defrost does not work, need to use pliers to turn heat on and off, blown out radio speakers, floorboards get soaked when it rains, etc.  BUT THAT CAR WAS SO GOOD TO ME! Can't complain too much :)

7. Get a job (Leitia). 8/18/10
         I am the new Agency Relations Coordinator at Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana.  So happy!  Check out our website: www.curehunger.org
11. Hang up our own photos in the house. 9/3/10 
        I spray painted these frames orange to go in our freshly painted laundry room and finally put up some of the photos that I have taken...hopefully others will soon follow!
15. Paint the laundry room. 8/8/10 
     DURING (I was less than thrilled to be painting.)
     BEFORE (when my momma moved out)

65. Remember Grandma Webb’s birthday on August 19. 8/20/10
        I major failed on this one.  Last year, my Grandma invited Ben and I to go out to eat with her and my grandpa.  I later found out from my dad that it was her birthday the day we went out with them.  I had no clue.  Horrible granddaughter.  This is the grandma who NEVER forgets anyone's birthday, anniversary, etc.  So all year I have been planning to do something special for her birthday, had my calendar marked for the 19th.  Turns out her birthday is the 20th.  What is wrong with me? 
In Progress
94. Spend time with two friends I haven’t seen in a year (Leitia). (1/2)
         I forgot my camera.  Boo.  I had dinner with the lovely Cassie Eldridge who was my first IU friend.  We lived together two years.  She now is living in California.  It was so good to see her.
20. Read 30 books each. (Ben: 1/30, Leitia: 4/30)
Added: Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen

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