07 October 2010


Welp, needless to say by the lack of posts....we have not made much progress on our list and my camera has been in hibernation.  Boo.

I have a couple goals to check off....

50.            Make a curry based dish. 9/21/10
             I made an Indiana recipe out of my Better Homes and Gardens  
             Magazine. It ended up unexciting and bland.  Boo.       

76.            Write one of my legislatures about an issue important to me (Leitia). 9/21/10
         I work in the world of hunger relief with my new job.  There has been a child nutrition bill up in Congress, and I CALLED my House Rep to let him know my opinion!  Hopefully I take action on other issues in the future too!

94.            Spend time with two friends I haven’t seen in a year (Leitia). (6/2) 9/2010
        I blew this goal out of the water!  Shortly after hanging with my friend Cassie, I met up with Leslie a friend from my Ball State days.  She had been in East Asia the past couple of years...Then I went to her shower and wedding and saw other old friends.
        THEN a few weeks ago, a group of people I went to high school with and hadn't seen for 5+ years got together.  I still cannot believe it happened!  Here is a shot of the crew.

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