02 October 2011

Months 2&3

"Two whole months!  Everyone who sees you keeps saying "oh he has grown so much and is getting so long."  It is true, growing like a weed, but much cuter than a weed.  This month you finally learned to suck your thumb.  I think you have been trying since you were in my belly.  You have also started pushing your legs off of things, meaning you can scoot yourself a tiny bit.  You spend all your awake time just taking in the world staring at everything and have started taking interest in your toys.  There is a black and white polka dot star that you stare at and smile a whole bunch.  You were a little sick this month, with a stuffy nose and HATE when Mommy cleans your nose out.  Overall, you spend your time sleeping, staring, eating, and smiling.  We love you so much!"
"You are turning into quite the talker.  I love listening to your babbles.  You smile a whole bunch now, and are soooo close to laughing.  Daddy and I are eagerly anticipating that first laugh.  You are so big that you now fit in 6 month clothes, and really fill out those cute cloth diapers of yours.  I want to thank you very much for learning to sleep through the night this month:  8-9 hours every night.  It makes for a much more rested mommy-however every morning I rush to you because I miss you after all those hours!  You are acquiring quite the array of nicknames-Mister, Munchkin, Crunchie Munchie, Stinky McStinkerton, Levi McLevi, and whatever other silly things comes out.  Here’s hoping for that laugh this month."

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21 August 2011

Daddy and Baby

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Fair Time

 Ben took the zipper one-love the composition!

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1 Month Old Levi

My baby turned 1 month about 3 weeks ago and I am just now getting to posting! Ahh.

"I can’t believe you have been around for a whole month.  It has been an amazing month and I love you more every single day.  You are quite the wiggle worm and GRUNT a whoooole lot especially when you are waking up and falling asleep.  I have never heard so many grunts.  You have started smiling quite a bit when you are full and not sleepy.   Some of your favorite things are: staring at your daddy’s hair and the ceiling fan, pooping as soon as we put on a clean diaper, eating, pumping your fists in the air, and looking at yourself in the mirror. (You do not seem to mind baths either-Woohoo!)  Some of mommy’s favorite things are kissing your little cheeks, rocking you in our glider, seeing you interact with Daddy, and the look on your face when you are done eating.  Here’s to another month of fun!"

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19 July 2011

I Heart Faces:Props

Can't resist adding this photo to the props challenge this week.  Love the rare smile on my handsome little babe!

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10 July 2011

My One Week Old Love

I hope these two photos are no indication of how he will feel around the camera as he grows.  If so, we are in trouble :)

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Week 40

Checked another item off the list! 
3.                Have a baby. 7/2/11

And we are so in love!

I know you cannot read all that text :)
"Week 40
On Tuesday, June 28, Mommy had her weekly appointment with the midwife.  That day the midwife said “You are going to have this baby in the next 24 hours!”  I got really anxious and called Daddy and your grandparents to share the exciting news.  Then I went home to wait to go into labor.  And I waited and waited…Turns out she was a little off, so Daddy and I had to come up with many ways to keep us occupied the next four days while we not so patiently waited.  Friday, we went on a date to occupy our minds.  At about 11:30 that night as Mommy was going to sleep, she started having contractions.  I finally got up to time them and found they were coming fairly consistently, but I just did not think I was in labor because they were not painful.  After 3 ½ hours of timing, I finally caved and called the midwife.  She told me to come into the hospital.  I woke your Daddy and we made the trip to Anderson, chatting the whole way.  I did not really think I was in labor yet, and felt bad for bugging the midwife in the middle of the night.  When I got there, they immediately admitted me to a room, had the birthing tub already full, and hooked me up to monitors that confirmed my contractions were regular.  I think the midwife knew there was no way I was going back home since she knew I was so far along already.  As the morning moved on, my contractions slowed down in frequency…the midwife suggested breaking my water, but I did not want to interfere with my body.  After several more hours, I gave in and she broke my water.  I still had not had any pain at that point.  (I was 8 cm!)  After my waters broke, the contractions kicked back in and they hurt now.  I climbed in the tub for relief while daddy gave me massages to help with the pain.  Shortly after, it was time to push.  And push I did for THREE LONG HOURS.  It was hard work!  But when they laid you on my chest, I knew it was all worth it (even though I swore off any other children in the process.)  You are perfect, and I have found myself loving you more every day.  Everyone keeps laughing after watching/hearing the video of it all when I keep saying “He’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world.”  It is true!"

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23 June 2011

Nursery Reveal

This room is our favorite room in the house.  Ben and I had so much fun piecing it all together.  Most of it is DIY by us.  We cannot wait until the baby makes it complete!

Sources:  (You'll notice most is handmade :))
Bookshelf: Goodwill
Glider: Hand-Me-Down 
Side table: already had
Crib: IKEA
Dresser: Hand-Me-Down
Mobile: Homemade by me-inspired by this
Window panels and poms-poms: handmade by me-Followed tutorial for pom poms from here
Crib sheet: handmade by friend
Monster Prints and Pirate: made by my husband
Orange lamp: Target
Closet curtain: Target Online (actually a shower curtain)
Mustache number print: Etsy seller sugarfresh
Throw pillows: Target
Jesus Loves Print: handmade by me
Wooden giraffe and whale: made by husband
Monster painting: made by my "Little Sister" 
Owl art: made by friend
"Blackboard": fabric by Etsy seller luckykaerufabric wrapped around an old frame to cover our circuit breaker
Elephant hamper: Home Decorators (my one splurge...can you resist it?)
Glider cushion covers: Etsy seller 2creativeladys
Footstool: made by husband
Turquoise Fan: TJ Maxx
Chicago bear: one of the first gifts Ben ever gave me, from an architecture field trip...so sweet!

And a look at some before and afters. (The glider is similar, I did not take an actual before photo.)

PS Doesn't my cloth diaper stash look adorable? ;)
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