23 June 2011

Nursery Reveal

This room is our favorite room in the house.  Ben and I had so much fun piecing it all together.  Most of it is DIY by us.  We cannot wait until the baby makes it complete!

Sources:  (You'll notice most is handmade :))
Bookshelf: Goodwill
Glider: Hand-Me-Down 
Side table: already had
Crib: IKEA
Dresser: Hand-Me-Down
Mobile: Homemade by me-inspired by this
Window panels and poms-poms: handmade by me-Followed tutorial for pom poms from here
Crib sheet: handmade by friend
Monster Prints and Pirate: made by my husband
Orange lamp: Target
Closet curtain: Target Online (actually a shower curtain)
Mustache number print: Etsy seller sugarfresh
Throw pillows: Target
Jesus Loves Print: handmade by me
Wooden giraffe and whale: made by husband
Monster painting: made by my "Little Sister" 
Owl art: made by friend
"Blackboard": fabric by Etsy seller luckykaerufabric wrapped around an old frame to cover our circuit breaker
Elephant hamper: Home Decorators (my one splurge...can you resist it?)
Glider cushion covers: Etsy seller 2creativeladys
Footstool: made by husband
Turquoise Fan: TJ Maxx
Chicago bear: one of the first gifts Ben ever gave me, from an architecture field trip...so sweet!

And a look at some before and afters. (The glider is similar, I did not take an actual before photo.)

PS Doesn't my cloth diaper stash look adorable? ;)
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20 June 2011

My Lil Sis

 My Little Sister and I had a little camera fun in the backyard last week...
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19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

My husband will be a wonderful daddy any day now...More photos like this coming soon :)

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18 June 2011


Haven't been keeping up with this list very well....Here is update on our list progress.

21.            Graduate with my M.Arch (Ben). (5/7/2011)
See photos two posts below.
46.            Take dinner to a new parent or someone in recovery. 4-6/2011
Did both!
59.            Buy a piece of furniture from IKEA. (2/2011)
Baby crib! 
64.            Have a conversation on Skype.  (2/2011)
I had one with Maddy, and am sure we will be having many with the Grandparents McHugh once Big Foot arrives.
75.            Make homemade bread.   (5/2011)
Does baking pre-made bread dough count?  I am going with a yes :)
78.            Create a piece of art on my graphics tablet (Ben). (???)
Ben's created a few things now, including the awesome monsters you will see in the baby room!  And this "sketch."  Isn't he so talented?

91.            Buy a Shel Silverstein book. (5/27/2011)
Gift by Grandma Rogers- the classic, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." 

23.            Try 12 new ice cream recipes (Leitia). (2/12)  Peanut Butter for Ben's grad party. 
20.            Read 30 books each. (Ben: 4/30, Leitia: 7/30)
Oh geez.... I know we have both read books, just have not kept track.  I am pretty sure we have read others :(  (Do children's books count?)
Leitia: The Baby Whisperer Ben: Three architecture themed books

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05 June 2011

Coming Soon

Ben and I spent quite some adding some completing touches to the baby's room today...we have a few more touches to add and it will finished and ready for sharing.  Here are some parts of the process to get started and get you guessing on the outcome:)

The room before...it was our catch all/junk room.
Handmade wooden animals by Ben.

Ben sanding the side table.
Making a mobile.

The hideous fan and a few steps in its makeover.

My $7 Goodwill shelf that I adore.
Shower curtain inspiration.
My grandpa, uncle, and husband putting down carpet on our bare base board floors.
Paint-completed by Ben and his momma.

Can't wait to share the completed room!

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In waiting to complete my blog makeover and as we near completion of the baby nursery, I realized there are many photos that have yet to be shared just sitting on my computer...so here are some from the past year of fun things in our lives... nothing too impressive and none of them have any editing (besides the Nahla ones.)

My nephew's first birthday party...

Our sweet Daisy around Halloween time and when I got my new camera lens...

Ben's graduation party I threw-celebrating his Master's of Architecture-so proud....  (I was also fairly proud of my details for an architecture themed party ;))

 My brother thought our cloth diapers would make a good hat...

 The first day of life of my newest baby niece...and her proud siblings...

A couple before and after projects done last summer and not related to all of our DIYs for the baby nursery...
 $5 rummage sale side table...

 Bench formerly owned by my mom and sitting in the shed for quite some time...

Phew...glad to share some :)
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