18 June 2011


Haven't been keeping up with this list very well....Here is update on our list progress.

21.            Graduate with my M.Arch (Ben). (5/7/2011)
See photos two posts below.
46.            Take dinner to a new parent or someone in recovery. 4-6/2011
Did both!
59.            Buy a piece of furniture from IKEA. (2/2011)
Baby crib! 
64.            Have a conversation on Skype.  (2/2011)
I had one with Maddy, and am sure we will be having many with the Grandparents McHugh once Big Foot arrives.
75.            Make homemade bread.   (5/2011)
Does baking pre-made bread dough count?  I am going with a yes :)
78.            Create a piece of art on my graphics tablet (Ben). (???)
Ben's created a few things now, including the awesome monsters you will see in the baby room!  And this "sketch."  Isn't he so talented?

91.            Buy a Shel Silverstein book. (5/27/2011)
Gift by Grandma Rogers- the classic, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." 

23.            Try 12 new ice cream recipes (Leitia). (2/12)  Peanut Butter for Ben's grad party. 
20.            Read 30 books each. (Ben: 4/30, Leitia: 7/30)
Oh geez.... I know we have both read books, just have not kept track.  I am pretty sure we have read others :(  (Do children's books count?)
Leitia: The Baby Whisperer Ben: Three architecture themed books

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