23 June 2011

Nursery Reveal

This room is our favorite room in the house.  Ben and I had so much fun piecing it all together.  Most of it is DIY by us.  We cannot wait until the baby makes it complete!

Sources:  (You'll notice most is handmade :))
Bookshelf: Goodwill
Glider: Hand-Me-Down 
Side table: already had
Crib: IKEA
Dresser: Hand-Me-Down
Mobile: Homemade by me-inspired by this
Window panels and poms-poms: handmade by me-Followed tutorial for pom poms from here
Crib sheet: handmade by friend
Monster Prints and Pirate: made by my husband
Orange lamp: Target
Closet curtain: Target Online (actually a shower curtain)
Mustache number print: Etsy seller sugarfresh
Throw pillows: Target
Jesus Loves Print: handmade by me
Wooden giraffe and whale: made by husband
Monster painting: made by my "Little Sister" 
Owl art: made by friend
"Blackboard": fabric by Etsy seller luckykaerufabric wrapped around an old frame to cover our circuit breaker
Elephant hamper: Home Decorators (my one splurge...can you resist it?)
Glider cushion covers: Etsy seller 2creativeladys
Footstool: made by husband
Turquoise Fan: TJ Maxx
Chicago bear: one of the first gifts Ben ever gave me, from an architecture field trip...so sweet!

And a look at some before and afters. (The glider is similar, I did not take an actual before photo.)

PS Doesn't my cloth diaper stash look adorable? ;)
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  1. you know this room is cool and fun when Melissa kept saying that's cool oh look at that..good job Leitia and Ben....from Aunt Laura...

  2. I was going to say the same thing about your cloth diaper stash!! Super cute:)

  3. WOW this is an amazing nursery! I love it!


  5. I LOVE THIS NURSERY! I've just had a baby boy and looking for inspiration to decorate his room up a little! Love it!
    PS I found your blog on Lil Magoolie and I think I will be a regular!

  6. this nursery is just amazing ! I'm working for the french blog leblogdecomydz.fr and I would like to know if I can use some pics about it for a next post. If you're ok email me at : contact[at]mydz.fr ! It would be a real pleasure for me to feature your work !

  7. Found you through ahdeedoh, I love the nursery! I was wondering how you made the "Jesus loves me" print. Did you use a special software and also what are the dimensions. I'm looking to make one for my girls' room! Thanks!

  8. I love all you did - the bedding is gorgeous! I have a website about http://www.royalbambino.com/ A leading baby store in Murrieta, CA offers free shipping on little castle nursery gliders & angel song nursery gliders along with custom nursery gliders. You can select the best nursery glider & nursery ottoman from Little Castle gliders.

  9. Better wayyy late than never right? I did make the "puff ball" garland...the tutotial I used is linked above...I refer tot he garland as "pom-poms".

    And the Jesus Loves Me print I made in photoshop...don't recall the dimensions. I made it to fit an old frame I found at Goodwill.

    Thanks everyone!

  10. This just made my day! I have a glider that was given to me and I hate the light wood. I didn't even think to paint it white and buy a slip cover. Great job on the nursery.

  11. Thanks...I recommend using the Etsy seller I did...unless you know someone who will do it for you!

  12. Hi Leitia...I am interested in making a Jesus Loves Me print on photoshop using yours as a model (love it!) but was curious what font you used. I have looked around on dafont.com and can't seem to locate it. Thanks!

  13. Hi Sarah! I actually do not think it is one I downloaded. When I opened the document in photoshop, it says it is "Berlin Sans FB Demi" which is already preloaded with the program Let me know if that looks right. Good luck!.