21 August 2011

1 Month Old Levi

My baby turned 1 month about 3 weeks ago and I am just now getting to posting! Ahh.

"I can’t believe you have been around for a whole month.  It has been an amazing month and I love you more every single day.  You are quite the wiggle worm and GRUNT a whoooole lot especially when you are waking up and falling asleep.  I have never heard so many grunts.  You have started smiling quite a bit when you are full and not sleepy.   Some of your favorite things are: staring at your daddy’s hair and the ceiling fan, pooping as soon as we put on a clean diaper, eating, pumping your fists in the air, and looking at yourself in the mirror. (You do not seem to mind baths either-Woohoo!)  Some of mommy’s favorite things are kissing your little cheeks, rocking you in our glider, seeing you interact with Daddy, and the look on your face when you are done eating.  Here’s to another month of fun!"

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