02 October 2011

Months 2&3

"Two whole months!  Everyone who sees you keeps saying "oh he has grown so much and is getting so long."  It is true, growing like a weed, but much cuter than a weed.  This month you finally learned to suck your thumb.  I think you have been trying since you were in my belly.  You have also started pushing your legs off of things, meaning you can scoot yourself a tiny bit.  You spend all your awake time just taking in the world staring at everything and have started taking interest in your toys.  There is a black and white polka dot star that you stare at and smile a whole bunch.  You were a little sick this month, with a stuffy nose and HATE when Mommy cleans your nose out.  Overall, you spend your time sleeping, staring, eating, and smiling.  We love you so much!"
"You are turning into quite the talker.  I love listening to your babbles.  You smile a whole bunch now, and are soooo close to laughing.  Daddy and I are eagerly anticipating that first laugh.  You are so big that you now fit in 6 month clothes, and really fill out those cute cloth diapers of yours.  I want to thank you very much for learning to sleep through the night this month:  8-9 hours every night.  It makes for a much more rested mommy-however every morning I rush to you because I miss you after all those hours!  You are acquiring quite the array of nicknames-Mister, Munchkin, Crunchie Munchie, Stinky McStinkerton, Levi McLevi, and whatever other silly things comes out.  Here’s hoping for that laugh this month."

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