07 January 2012

4,5,6, Month Old Levi

Talk about falling behind....

We heard you laugh...once.  It was the most amazing sound in the whole world.  Mommy was rocking you while your GlowWorm (your favorite toy by the way) was playing music-Daddy started making funny faces and saying silly things and you let out a real laugh.  You smile and squeal a lot-but just one laugh.  You are getting good at holding and grabbing toys. Everything goes straight to your mouth. You also keep trying really hard to roll over-it makes you frustrated because you cannot quite get it.  You are so strong-you hold your legs straight and firm.  I think you will be walking before your first birthday.   This month we had a dedication ceremony for you, where we committed to raising you up to know Jesus.  Pastor Danny wrote you the neatest note "Levi, like your parents, I pray that you would know Jesus, and that you would have a heart for the marginalized like your Biblical mother who named her son Levi, out of an inner longing for unity with her husband.  Levi comes from a Hebrew word meaning 'to join, to attach.' Levi, I pray that you would be a joiner of people to the Lord, a ligament in the body of Christ. Levi, I want you to live up to your name, and I pray that you would teach us all and lead us all toward reconciliation in the name of Christ Jesus."

 You are learning new skills so often that it is hard to keep up.  Rolling over seems easy to you now...you are always flipping from your back to your belly.  You loooove to observe everything.  That means you are easily distracted when you eat.  Making you laugh is easy now a days. Daddy says your laugh will "never get old."  It makes us laugh too.  You often let out very high pitched screams especially at dinner time. We like to scream back at you sometimes.  It is quite fun.  We figured out that you like music.  When you cry in the car, turning on the radio makes you stop most the time.  When you roll on your tummy, you try to scoot forward.  But you haven't quite mastered that, and usually end up pushing yourself backward.  You love DaisyDog...you watch her go back and forth after her ball, and have just started "petting" her too.  You bring so much joy to every day.  Love you, Munchkin Man.  
6 months is really old-a whole half year.  I can't even believe it.  This month you started eating solid foods, and LOVE it.  You grunt and groan a lot while you eat.  It is quite hilarious.  You are extremely distracted when eating milk.  You and I have to be in your room alone for you to get a good meal in.  If Daddy or Daisy walks in, we can forget it.  You are just so inquisitive, observing and trying to take in all you can of this world.  This month we celebrated Christmas, and you got spoiled by all your grandparents.  However you were much more interested in eating the wrapping paper than anything else.  One day Mommy left you to "air out" naked in your room because you looove to be naked.  I went to the kitchen to do something, and heard you cry so I rushed into your room-and didn't see you!  I looked around, and you had rolled all the way across the floor into your closet.  It was hysterical-although I am still unsure how you did not bonk your head on something.  You make every day so much fun.

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  1. Lewis STILL gets distracted when nursing if Kevin is home and speaks or walks by the nursery. I can't believe Levi is 6 months old already! Great to read/see updates. Hope all is well.