26 February 2012

Devany Julia: Part 1

Meet Levi's best friend!  Miss Devany was not a happy camper when I went to take her newborn photos...but we worked it anyways!  Hopefully we can get a few more this week.  Isn't she beautiful?

And this handsome fella helped me test the light...Did i mention he was also a grumpy baby?  (Although, he waited until after his photos to let the grumpiness show!)

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10 February 2012

Anna + David + Baby Mordecai

A couple friends asked if I would take maternity photos..and I said OK.  Glad I did because we had so much fun and I am happy with the results.  It was a special honor to photograph these folks because they have had an emotional conception journey-and little Mordecai is the ultimate blessing!  PS I know this is a ton of photos...but they look so stinkin' cute, I could not resist.

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03 February 2012

7 months

Levi turned 7 months old yesterday and I am already posting...so proud of myself!
"This month you got a new high chair and you love sitting up in it.  You were grumpy the first day we got it, but the moment I put you in, you just smiled. You also especially love your sippy cup- you mostly just chew on it.   You are almost sitting up on your own-but right now still topple over after a few seconds.  We often prop you in the corner of the couch while you play with your toys.  You seem to really enjoy that.   You are really good at grabbing everything now, and can even get your pacifier in your mouth by yourself.  Daddy says that you said your first word “hamburger.”  It comes out more like “hemmmbrrrrrer.” ;)  Daddy and I both celebrated our birthdays this month…and feel more blessed than ever because we have you in our lives. "

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