29 April 2012

30 Days, Day 6

This is how Ben, Daisy, and I spend 99% of our post-Levi nights......
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27 April 2012

Bath Time

Took these photos a little bit ago.  Ben usually gives Levi his baths.  After the bath is my favorite time of the day.  Ben brings Levi out with his hooded towel to say hi to me...and Levi just smiles real big...and it makes Ben and I smile real big too!

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30 Days, Day 5

Ben's expression...sigh...
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26 April 2012

30 Days, Day 4

It is amazing when you become a parent, the things that thrill you.  Levi was playing with this block wagon, making the wheels go back and forth..and I was so proud and amazed.  Ahh the little things :)  I am trying really hard to not make every day of this little challenge of mine to be photos of Levi, but I just can't help it.  Every time I get out the camera to make a photo of something...he is there looking adorable...

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24 April 2012

Let's Get Organized, Organized

Our bedroom is my least favorite room in the house.  Maybe it is because...
it has a nasty, yellow gold paint color?
it isn't very cohesive?
there are no closet doors?
it is a room I fell like I have more power over changing? (As in I can't afford new cabinets, appliances, and floor in the kitchen..)
it is (was) disorganized?

In reality, it is likely a combo of all of the above plus some.  Either way, we are in the midst of making changes to the room.  I made this awesome design board for the room.  It may be a long while before I call the room finished, but progress is progress  My first step was changing the bedding...and I have a craigslist dresser waiting to be refinished sitting in my shed.  Also Ben is planning on making a new headboard!  Rock on!

  • Love Pillow from Etsy seller dedeetsyshop.
  • Cool over priced lamp...looking for something similar and much cheaper.
  • White curtains to cover open closet.
  • Hemnes side table from IKEA.
  • Duvet set from Target. (I actually bought one I like that is similar and half the price from IKEA.)
  • "My Happily Ever After" print from Etsy seller vinylcrafts.
  • Green bench.  (Hoping to find a used cheap bench for end of bed and paint it green...won't fit in our current bedroom...so will have to wait until we move.)
  • Dark wood dresser...mid centuryish style.  (As mentioned, I have one waiting to be refinished in the shed.)

But to the real point of this post...I have lots of craft things and lots of office type things (both personal and for the work I do in conjunction with our church's nonprofit.)  This meant piles and piles of stuff everywhere in our room...and a constant heap covering my desk...making it harder to get things done in there...and stressing me out every night as I went to bed.  But there is hope!  I bought one of the famous IKEA Expedits...and took control of my heaps!  Check it...

I made those letters by following this tutorial...

Also spray painted the mesh baskets...they were bought in the dollar spot at Target in orange.  Talk about saving money...the ones I found online were over $15 each!

Oh...I would like to add 2-3 more world globes on top...The current one was bought at a garage sale for $5 and I would love the others to be in that price range...so if you find any, let me know!

Oh and look at my clutter free desk...you should have seen it before!!!

Lastly, this counts as a "home project" so I am marking something else off the 101 in 1001 list that will never get accomplished...
31.            30 minutes of exercise twice a week for a year.  (haha)
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30 Days

I am tackling number 13 on the 101 in 1001 list: 
13. One photo every day for one month straight (Leitia). (0/30)

I may not get a photo posted every day (I will try), but I will definitely take one each day!  I also am going to try to just take A photo...not a million then end with only one I like.  This will force me to think about composing and setting up my photos more.

This first photo was day 1: 4/23/12

And I have three for today:
Someone needs a haircut...
Someone else loves the laundry basket...

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23 April 2012

Listy McListerson

Here we go..updates on the 101 in 1001 list aka "the list that we will never acheive." :):  (For ones I am unsure on the actual date, I am just using today's.)


12.  Make a new three panel art piece (Ben). 4/23/12
Ben sketched these beauties to represent our little family.  From left to right: Me, Daisy, Levi, Ben :)

41. Host guests for dinner at least 12 times. (12/12) 4/23/12
Can we call this one doneso-I am certain we have acheived it?

61. Play at least one game of frisbee golf.  4/8/12
On Easter, we made a trip to Lemon Lake up by Ben's parents.  We brought a very non-professional frisbee with us and played a few "holes."

88. Have a Coldstone Ice Cream cake. 1/28/12
Did I really get no pictures of this little slice of heaven?  My Momma got me a chocolate Coldstone cake for my birthday...and let's just say I require Coldstone cakes from here on out!

93. Share a fried ice cream from Puerta. 4/23/12

99.  Paint a food bowl for Daisy (Ben). 4/8/12
Well, Ben never painted a bowl for Daisy, but I found these super cute bowls at TJ Maxx's for $3 each and made Daisy an Easter basket out of them.  I love them...and Ben is off the hook!


6.   Watch all Oscar winning movies since 1990. (9/23)
Finished up Dances with Wolves tonight!

20. Read 30 books each. (Ben: 6/30, Leitia: 14/30)
Leitia: Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breastfeeding edited by Maureen Connolly and Dana Sullivan,  I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

23. Try 12 new ice cream recipes (Leitia). (6/12)
Made some dark chocolate for my Grandpa's birthday.  On the menu for this week: Curry Banana...yep you read that right!

So as of today we have accomplished 40 out of 100..and we have used up 2/3 of our time...yikes!  The good part-we have been doing some fun things that we may never have if we hadn't made the list...so I consider that an accomplishment in itself!

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20 April 2012

Look What I Got in the Mail

I forgot I ordered this, but it arrived in the mail the other day.  It is my accessory for Levi's first birthday party...Can you guess the theme??? (Made by Etsy seller EliMack.)

Oh what's that? You want some pictures of Levi too????

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12 April 2012

Hearts for Shilo

Levi's friend, Shilo, is in the hospital waiting to get heart surgery.  She is only 5 months old.  She has been there for over a month now because she caught a very nasty virus that her little body had a hard time fighting.  Her Mama and Papa knew she would need heart surgery sometime this summer (She has Down Syndrome and heart defects are common in children who have DS-Shilo was born with 5 I believe), but it has now been moved up.  They thought it would happen this week, but it seems like unexpected obstacles keep popping up.  While they wait and Miss Shilo keeps trucking along, there is a husband who lives in Muncie so he can go to work each day and a wife who lives her days at the hospital in Indianapolis.  They miss each other very much.  There is also a Big Sister (whom I wrote about last year) who misses her Mama and Little Sister.  At the same time, they are missing out on a very special time in their baby girl's life.  They have not even been able to hold their beautiful daughter in their arms very many times since being there.  Life is hard for them right now, and they can use your prayers.  You can read the details of their story on their blog.  

Since Mama and Shilo spend their every day in a bland hospital room...they could use some beautiful decor.  Mama requested hearts to fill Shilo's room a while back...and I am just now making some.  If you are feeling crafty, maybe you could make some too?  (Let me know and I will provide more details.)

Note:  Enough money was raised for Big Sister's surgery last year and it was a success.  Thank you for your help...read more on that on their blog as well.

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Super Levi at Play

Just snapping some of my cutie while he does his own thing playing...

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9 months old

"You are definitely sleeping better this month at least at nap times...night time is about the same.  You have started "talking" more saying Dada all the time..although I am not sure you know what Dada means yet.  It also sounds like you say "Hi" and "Daisy"...but just yesterday you started blabbering "Mamamama" although again probably not sure what it means yet.  Either way, we love it.  This past week you put my finger in your mouth and I felt something very sharp! A tooth!  It is barely poking through.  You have already been eating lots of finger foods and really enjoy eating by yourself.  You are rolling all over the house now, but still not crawling...you get frustrated and really want to crawl, just have not quite grasped it.  I am not sure I am ready for you to crawl...I will have to watch you like a hawk because you are so curious!  Your curiosity is so fun to watch though...I love to see you taking in the world and figuring out how things work."  

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10 April 2012

I Love Milk

For the same friend (above) who I took photos for, I also threw a baby shower.  (I love throwing parties!!!)  

Party rant: My party throwing love dates back to high school..well maybe even elementary school.  But in high school I threw parties for my friends all the time...and no not the typical high school party featuring red cups and scantily clad girls.  I remember a "I just Got My Braces Off" party, an "I Don't Have a Valentine" party, and a surprise party for my friend Lacey featuring a rice krispie treat replica of the honoree (created by another dear friend).  I also remember having parties where I created scavenger hunts or gave silly gifts to my friends.  (I think I gifted one friend a mop...because well, she wanted one!)  Lately, I have been stepping up my themes for a couple formal parties...There was my wedding which was a blast.  But then a couple years ago, I threw a bridal shower with a picnic theme and plums and lemons :) followed by the bachelorette party where we decorated silly undies.  In the past year, I threw Ben's architecture graduation party and my friend Lacey's "Fall In Love" shower.   This recent was my favorite theme-wise...and I am happy to share it.

This was a baby shower with the theme I Love Milk because babies loooove milk if you did not know.  I was inspired by this party featured on my favorite party blog, Hostess with the Mostess.  I hired my own personal graphic designer to create invitations and other party goodies.  (AKA I asked my talented hubby to make some stuff :))  I also enlisted the help of a couple friends to help me drink store bought starbucks frappecinos so I could create the look of old fashioned milk bottles.  And utilized the help of trusty dusty GooGone to get rid of the labels.  The food was of course cookies and donuts because that is what you eat with milk.  You will notice another favorite element...my "milk mustaches."  Mustaches are all the rage right now...and I LOVE IT.  I used mustache lollipop molds and white chocolate for those.

For activities, Ben designed personalized "Dear Eli..." cards where guests wrote notes about their hopes and dreams for Eli as he grows.  You can find a free non-personalized printable version here.  We also played a game where baby food was passed around in diapers.  This game was prepared by a friend of the honoree...and I won of course because Levi eats that stuff every day.  The best part was the decorating of onesies.  We used scrap fabric, fabric glue, iron on adhesive, and puffy paint.  These guests were very creative!
Oh yea..there were people there too.  Even a few men: The future Daddy, future Grandpa, and my two awesome fellas.
Here is the invite that Ben made and set the mood for the party...

Now I am looking forward to Levi's First Birthday Party!

Sidenote:  So I am trying this whole pre-made collage thing to post a lot of photos at a time.  I am not sure how I feel about it from a photography standpoint.  When you take a photograph, you should always have the composition as the focus...then you use one of these collages and it totally changes the dimensions and composition....I think they can work for me with parties and such where the focus is to capture the details of the party, not necessarily creative photographic art ;)  Hmmm...
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