12 April 2012

9 months old

"You are definitely sleeping better this month at least at nap times...night time is about the same.  You have started "talking" more saying Dada all the time..although I am not sure you know what Dada means yet.  It also sounds like you say "Hi" and "Daisy"...but just yesterday you started blabbering "Mamamama" although again probably not sure what it means yet.  Either way, we love it.  This past week you put my finger in your mouth and I felt something very sharp! A tooth!  It is barely poking through.  You have already been eating lots of finger foods and really enjoy eating by yourself.  You are rolling all over the house now, but still not crawling...you get frustrated and really want to crawl, just have not quite grasped it.  I am not sure I am ready for you to crawl...I will have to watch you like a hawk because you are so curious!  Your curiosity is so fun to watch though...I love to see you taking in the world and figuring out how things work."  

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