12 April 2012

Hearts for Shilo

Levi's friend, Shilo, is in the hospital waiting to get heart surgery.  She is only 5 months old.  She has been there for over a month now because she caught a very nasty virus that her little body had a hard time fighting.  Her Mama and Papa knew she would need heart surgery sometime this summer (She has Down Syndrome and heart defects are common in children who have DS-Shilo was born with 5 I believe), but it has now been moved up.  They thought it would happen this week, but it seems like unexpected obstacles keep popping up.  While they wait and Miss Shilo keeps trucking along, there is a husband who lives in Muncie so he can go to work each day and a wife who lives her days at the hospital in Indianapolis.  They miss each other very much.  There is also a Big Sister (whom I wrote about last year) who misses her Mama and Little Sister.  At the same time, they are missing out on a very special time in their baby girl's life.  They have not even been able to hold their beautiful daughter in their arms very many times since being there.  Life is hard for them right now, and they can use your prayers.  You can read the details of their story on their blog.  

Since Mama and Shilo spend their every day in a bland hospital room...they could use some beautiful decor.  Mama requested hearts to fill Shilo's room a while back...and I am just now making some.  If you are feeling crafty, maybe you could make some too?  (Let me know and I will provide more details.)

Note:  Enough money was raised for Big Sister's surgery last year and it was a success.  Thank you for your help...read more on that on their blog as well.

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