24 April 2012

Let's Get Organized, Organized

Our bedroom is my least favorite room in the house.  Maybe it is because...
it has a nasty, yellow gold paint color?
it isn't very cohesive?
there are no closet doors?
it is a room I fell like I have more power over changing? (As in I can't afford new cabinets, appliances, and floor in the kitchen..)
it is (was) disorganized?

In reality, it is likely a combo of all of the above plus some.  Either way, we are in the midst of making changes to the room.  I made this awesome design board for the room.  It may be a long while before I call the room finished, but progress is progress  My first step was changing the bedding...and I have a craigslist dresser waiting to be refinished sitting in my shed.  Also Ben is planning on making a new headboard!  Rock on!

  • Love Pillow from Etsy seller dedeetsyshop.
  • Cool over priced lamp...looking for something similar and much cheaper.
  • White curtains to cover open closet.
  • Hemnes side table from IKEA.
  • Duvet set from Target. (I actually bought one I like that is similar and half the price from IKEA.)
  • "My Happily Ever After" print from Etsy seller vinylcrafts.
  • Green bench.  (Hoping to find a used cheap bench for end of bed and paint it green...won't fit in our current bedroom...so will have to wait until we move.)
  • Dark wood dresser...mid centuryish style.  (As mentioned, I have one waiting to be refinished in the shed.)

But to the real point of this post...I have lots of craft things and lots of office type things (both personal and for the work I do in conjunction with our church's nonprofit.)  This meant piles and piles of stuff everywhere in our room...and a constant heap covering my desk...making it harder to get things done in there...and stressing me out every night as I went to bed.  But there is hope!  I bought one of the famous IKEA Expedits...and took control of my heaps!  Check it...

I made those letters by following this tutorial...

Also spray painted the mesh baskets...they were bought in the dollar spot at Target in orange.  Talk about saving money...the ones I found online were over $15 each!

Oh...I would like to add 2-3 more world globes on top...The current one was bought at a garage sale for $5 and I would love the others to be in that price range...so if you find any, let me know!

Oh and look at my clutter free desk...you should have seen it before!!!

Lastly, this counts as a "home project" so I am marking something else off the 101 in 1001 list that will never get accomplished...
31.            30 minutes of exercise twice a week for a year.  (haha)
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