30 May 2012

Learning from My Mistakes: Lighting

So a long while back, I felt really frustrated by lighting when it comes to photography.   I always see these beautiful sun rays and sun flare in others photos and thing..."I want that!!"  I felt really frustrated after shooting Sarah and Bert's engagement photos.  (Sorry guys...my fault :()  But seriously duh....Don't shoot photos is the middle of the day sun, Leitia!!!  Yea we did their session at the absolute worst time of the day lighting wise...and I tried shooting in full sun...instead of finding the shade.  Blech...anyways I did a light experiment in my front yard one day to play and learn.  I mean I know everyone says early morning or just before the sun sets...but I guess it didn't register with me.   Lighting is the most important element in photography.  I mean photography literally means the art or science of capturing light.  Anyways...see my experiment to see for yourself.

7:30am...My cute little model and my favorite plant in my yard.  (What is it again? It is so beautiful in every season.)  The left is with the sun in front of my subject, the right is with the sun behind.  Notice the pretty sun glare :)
10:30am:  Again the left is the sun in front, the right is the sun behind.  Notice the sun is already getting high enough to cause squinting and harsh light.  
1:30pm:  Very harsh light.  Sun in front, sun behind.  Although really the sun is almost directly above at this point.
4:00pm  Sun in front, sun behind.  There was significant cloud coverage at this point on this day so the light is a little softer than it would be at this time on a full sun day.
5:30pm Sun in front, sun behind.
 And another because it is cute.  This one is shot more with the sun at the side.
7:00pm  My model went to bed, so I found a new one :) Sun in front, sun behind.
This is also with the sun behind.  Gah he is handsome!
8:30pm  The sun had pretty much completely set at this point.

Obviously, time of the year determines what the light will be at a given part of the day.  These were shot at the end of April to give you an idea. Clearly, early morning and evening sun are best...the lighting is so much more beautiful...not flat and harsh like midday. Besides timing of day, I learned I prefer images with the sun behind instead of in front....of course I did not shoot any side lit images. Although, with the right timing front lit and back lit are both amazing.  What about you?  What did you learn?  :)

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Adventures in the Fort

So we are now making our home in Fort Wayne.  Levi and I have stayed very busy exploring the city...which we have realized we LOVE!  I thought I would try to share some of our adventures and finds on the ole blog.  Unfortunately, I have not been taking photos of all the places we have visited...bc well, I was not planning on blogging them.  If I get back to them, I will update the post with photos.

What I have found is that like any city in Indiana, this place is loaded with chains, but we are trying to find more local places or not quite so wide spread chains.  So far, not overly impressed by the food here.
O Charleys: 2 for $20 plus a free kids meal is a good deal.
Dog N Suds Drive Up
800 Degree Pizza:  This place had some very unique pizzas.  Decent enough.
Marco's Pizza: It is a chain, but pretty yummy.
Agaves Mexican:  I was not a huge fan and it was a little pricey for a Mexican restaraunt.  It is really really close to our apartment though.
Quaker Steak N Lube: Ehh.
Don Hall's Gas House:  Yes, an actual local place.  This one is downtown in an old gas house (go figure.)  It is more expensive, but yummy.  There are a lot of different Don Hall restaraunts in the city.

Shoaff:  We met a cool dog that chased a squirrel clear across the park.  Levi loved watching all the kiddos play at the park...I think he smiled the whole time.  This park is one of like 6 that have a splash pad.  It was not on yet the day we went.  
Foster:  We walked a trail around the golf course here.  There were several trails through the woods, but Levi was in the stroller so we stuck to the paved one.

Levi and I discovered our two dream neighborhoods.  Southwood Park and North Anthony.  They are both more urban neighborhoods with beautiful bungalows, foursquares, cottages, and other beauties from the 1920s.  The neighborhoods are pretty well up kept, have beautiful tree lined sidewalked streets, and walkable parks.  The areas seem to be pretty mixed income.  I feel very motivated to save so we can buy a house in one of these areas in the near future.   The North Anthony area has a street called Forest Park Boulevard.  OMG!  There are beautiful old mini mansions....so fun to drive through.  If you are in Fort Wayne, definitely take a drive that way.

Glenbrook Mall: It is a really big mall ;)
Jefferson Pointe: This is an outdoor mall, much like the one in Noblesville.  I like the one there better.  But on Friday nights, they have free family friendly concerts and on Tuesdays they have Toddler Tuesdays with free fun like clowns, puppet shows, and more.  How cool is that??? Also this is where the Cold Stone Creamery is :)


I will not posted about experiences with churches bc that seems like it could be icky and is a little too personal.  We have tried a couple so far...
Fellowship Missionary
Grace Gathering

The best finds:
State Street:  This street runs through one of the neighborhoods I love.  Levi and I were passing through to go to a local ice cream shop...can you believe we never made it there?  I spotted a couple cool looking places and decided to stop.  On top of the places mentioned below, there was a awesome little grocery store...very old fashioned with lots of old timey sodas, a big butcher shop area, and a few other staples.  Also a yarn shop...I am talking a big store with noting but yarn.  If I were a knitter or crocheter is would have been a dream come true.  There is a cute little boutique that is opening soon as well as one of the county public library branches and a couple cute little restaurants.
      Abby Brown's Candy Shop:  Old fashioned candy store...very quaint.  The owner and I talked for at least 30 minutes.  She has owned the store and lived in the neighborhood for 39 years.  She shared with me information about the neighborhood, the public schools (!!!), fun things about Fort Wayne, and told me to head to the town of Grabill one day.  It is a little Amish town nearby.  I loved her...we had a lot in common despite the big age difference.
     Yum Mee's Bakery:  Another place where I talked to the owner, who told me about the neighborhood.  The bakery mostly does weddings, and has only been in business two years.  They had some awesome looking cakes on display.  Levi and I decided on a Strawberry Blond cupcake to share as we walked the neighborhood streets...we got a Chocolate one for Ben.  His was way better, but they were both fabulous.  We will definitely be back there.
     Firehouse Cafe:  This cafe is also only two years old and is in an old firehouse. Very neat!  They have tons of teas and a few other yummies.  They also had local art on display and for sale.  I got honeydew bubble tea...now that I remember..this is why I stopped on State Street....so glad I did.
Main Library:  Levi and I went to the downtown library for Babies and Books storytime.  That was funny and fun...lots of silly songs and cute babies.  The library is beautiful....has an art gallery.  Also has fun play places for the little ones.
Visitor's Center:  This is next to the library, so we stopped in to pick up a few touristy brochures.  (Because I love those things-this is the same reason I love rest areas :))  The woman there was so helpful...and gave me tons of good information.
Old Main Street Farmer's Market:  The visitor center woman said this was her favorite of the more than ten farmer's markets in town.  So we tried it out.  We had a hot dog picnic on the sidewalk for dinner.   The market was small, but was neat because there were more than just fruits and veggies. People were selling handmade crafts and art....and of course baked goods.  The strawberries were AHMAZING...and my favorite sweets were Aunt Lora's Caramels.  She had caramels in tons of flavors...very yummy.  And finally...I took photos here!!

All for now...
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23 May 2012

30 Days, Days 25-30

Day 25: Rose
Day 26:  Baby Overload....My niece turned one last week.  I took her away to snap a few photos of her solo.  They Levi joined...and my other lovely niece and nephew.  Yea I took a lot of photos and these are my faves.  (Boo...I overexposed the ones of the two babies...story of my life...you would think I would learn.)
Day 27: My "flower"  (One of those days I forgot to take a photo until the last minute.)
Day 28:  First day of the new job
Day 29: Fighting Bedtime (Yes, I know it is bright in there.  Our blackout shades do not fit the new windows. After this photo, we tacked up a blanket and he went right to bed.)
Day 30: "Will you share your snack with me?"

Thanks for following my 30 Day Challenge.  I am proud that I actually took a photo each day!!!  Now maybe I will get around to posting a few backed up posts :)  One last one for cuteness sake... 

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17 May 2012

30 Days, Days 20-24

Day 20: Mother's Day....isn't my great-grandmother beautiful???
Day 21: Candy Wrapper
Day 22:  Our moving crew....handsome?? Uncle Ron requested 'sepia' for this photo...wish granted ;)
 Exhausted from moving.
Day 23:  Patio lights.
Day 24:  Puppy fun...Our new apartment complex has a dog park...awesome right?  Well the thing is, our dog is a weanie.  She is scared of most things, including walks.  I often try to get her to go on walks with Levi and I.  She sits stubbornly while I tug at the leash.  I always end up leaving her home.  Yesterday, we decided to go on a family walk to further explore our new home.  Daisy was reluctant and held her tail down most of the way.  When we got to the dog park, she was still scared...there were two large dogs in there.  We decided to try another day.  She seemed to enjoy the kid park...where she rolled around in sand.  Today, she was happy to go on a walk the whole time!!!  She had the dog park to her self, and was not scared.  She just ran around and proceeded to "pee" at least 25 times...she had to claim her territory!  I think this is a good move for her...she seems as if she will regain her activity and maybe gain a little bravery too.  (In case you did not know, we really love our Daisy Cakes!)

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12 May 2012

30 Days, Day 19

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby taking a bath????

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11 May 2012

30 Days, Days 14-18

Day 14: Boxes
Day 15: Stupid Plumbing Problems on a Rainy Day
Day 16:  Forgot photos until late at night-oops!  Daisy laid on our pile of coats for two days while watching us pack the days away.  We think she was scared we were going to leave without her...
Bubble Wrap
Day 17: Weeds Can Be Pretty Too
Day 18: Playtime
Today we went to the Chocolate Moose in Farmland...gah their food is amazing!  I took a lot of photos there but am too lazy to post more on the blog :)  My brother still gets giddy over the colorful Superman ice cream.

We move in 4 days!  !!!!

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