06 May 2012

30 Days, Days 11-13

Playing with Great-Grandma.
A bed fit for a "king."
Levi's best friend

So our big news has not found its way to the blog.  Ben accepted a job offer last week about an hour away from where we live now-so that means our little family will be making a big move.  I am super proud of my hubs...it has been a long, frustrating journey to this point and he deserves the great offer.  We spent the weekend in Fort Wayne getting things squared away for Ben to start and found us a townhouse to move into.  I am super excited (though sad to move away from so much family and friends.) What this means for my blog, possibly fewer posts for the next week or two as we will be very busy.  I will still click away for my 30 day challenge, just may not get them posted every night.  I also have 3 blog posts near ready to post, but they may not make it on here for a couple weeks-but they will sometime.  Ok back to packing...

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