17 May 2012

30 Days, Days 20-24

Day 20: Mother's Day....isn't my great-grandmother beautiful???
Day 21: Candy Wrapper
Day 22:  Our moving crew....handsome?? Uncle Ron requested 'sepia' for this photo...wish granted ;)
 Exhausted from moving.
Day 23:  Patio lights.
Day 24:  Puppy fun...Our new apartment complex has a dog park...awesome right?  Well the thing is, our dog is a weanie.  She is scared of most things, including walks.  I often try to get her to go on walks with Levi and I.  She sits stubbornly while I tug at the leash.  I always end up leaving her home.  Yesterday, we decided to go on a family walk to further explore our new home.  Daisy was reluctant and held her tail down most of the way.  When we got to the dog park, she was still scared...there were two large dogs in there.  We decided to try another day.  She seemed to enjoy the kid park...where she rolled around in sand.  Today, she was happy to go on a walk the whole time!!!  She had the dog park to her self, and was not scared.  She just ran around and proceeded to "pee" at least 25 times...she had to claim her territory!  I think this is a good move for her...she seems as if she will regain her activity and maybe gain a little bravery too.  (In case you did not know, we really love our Daisy Cakes!)

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