23 May 2012

30 Days, Days 25-30

Day 25: Rose
Day 26:  Baby Overload....My niece turned one last week.  I took her away to snap a few photos of her solo.  They Levi joined...and my other lovely niece and nephew.  Yea I took a lot of photos and these are my faves.  (Boo...I overexposed the ones of the two babies...story of my life...you would think I would learn.)
Day 27: My "flower"  (One of those days I forgot to take a photo until the last minute.)
Day 28:  First day of the new job
Day 29: Fighting Bedtime (Yes, I know it is bright in there.  Our blackout shades do not fit the new windows. After this photo, we tacked up a blanket and he went right to bed.)
Day 30: "Will you share your snack with me?"

Thanks for following my 30 Day Challenge.  I am proud that I actually took a photo each day!!!  Now maybe I will get around to posting a few backed up posts :)  One last one for cuteness sake... 

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