06 June 2012

10 and 11 Months

"Yep, you now have two teeth poking through.  You started clapping this month.  We did not even teach you that so I am unsure where you picked it up.  Still not crawling, and you take decent naps but have been waking Daddy and I up a lot during the night!  Just a couple days ago, you started playing pass/catch.  You pick up a ball and drop/throw it and we pass it back and you repeat.  For some reason, this is extra impressive to me.  You and Daisy are becoming better friends.  She sits under your high chair while you eat just waiting for you to drop food and you like to stare at her doing so.  Also when I let you have a snack cracker in the living room, you like to let Daisy lick your fingers!  This month you really discovered the radio.  You light up when I turn it on, and looove to push all the buttons.  You even started dancing to the music, which is just about the cutest thing in the whole wide world.  It seems like you are picking up on new things all the time and it is so much fun!"
"What a big month!  Daddy got a new job in Fort Wayne...so we moved to a new house.  Your grandmas and grandpas that live in Muncie and New Castle are sad they do not get to see you as much, but we are having a lot of fun in our new city.  We have started attending library story time here.  You love to look at all the other babies, but I think your personality is a little shy...which is totally great.  (We just gotta get others to understand that.)  You have learned a lot of new skills with your toys.  You can put a ball in a basket, put toys into baskets and pails (and shoes and cups and lots of other things), stack blocks 3-4 high, and other cool things.  You learned to clap and wave this month too.  Super cute, although I feel sad when you wave at strangers and they do not wave back because they don't see you.  Also, you learned to sit up from a laying down position. O man...you really did learn a lot this month!!! You get so proud of yourself when you do something new...Daddy and I are real proud too. Still not crawling, but getting around in your own way.  You now have two top teeth peeking through, so I am trying to get over not being able to see your big toothless grins anymore.  Love you, Munch!"

This is what getting Levi's 10 month old diaper photo looked like...

And this is the one we went with...after putting him back in his place for the nth time, my camera around my neck smacked him in the head...Hey he stayed still! (JK I am not a cruel mom I promise...but seriously how cute is he?)
The 11 month photo didn't go so well either....he was just grumpy this time.  Poor guy!
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