28 June 2012

We are alive!

I got on a big post kick, and then disappeared!  Blech...well we are still here just a lot going on.  I have a couple of posts planned soon...and Mister Levi's Birthday is next week so look forward to a report on the party!  For now, here are a couple happenings...

Watching TV with Daddy...
A beautiful and delicious Strawberry Pie I made...the first pie I ever made with a homemade crust and all...thank you very much.
Big Boy...he is now crawling and pulling himself up!
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  1. Crawling and pulling up--go, Levi, go!

    And that pie! Wow! and Mmm. I've never made one from scratch, scratch. :) It is beautiful!

  2. oh em gee that kid is CUTE! i think you are moving/have moved to ft. wayne? hope the transition has been bearable. hope i'm right about the moving thing, too! :o)