02 June 2012

A Zoo and Pizza

It has been quite the action packed weekend for our little family, and we still have a day to go!  We did a little more Fort Wayne exploring.  Friday, Levi and I met Ben for lunch at Baan Thai (restaraunt).  It was delicious as expected, very similar to Thai Smile in Muncie.  We had an awesome waitress also.  Levi and I then explored the shopping mall where the restaurant was-it was mostly chains.  I did find some sandals at Platos Closet...have been looking for sandals since March so I was pretty excited.  We also went in the Cookie Cottage.  I was hoping it was one of those places where you choose your dough and mix ins, then they bake the cookie for you. It wasn't.  It was a cookie bakery...the cookies were delicious by the way.

Ben got off work early, and decided to use the time to visit the flower shop down the road, and bring his wife her favorite flower...sigh...what a sweetie husband I have.

Then today we went to the ZOO...We could not wait any longer....everyone talks about the Fort Wayne Zoo...Have you been yet?  It was fun, even though Levi was sleepy...he enjoyed seeing all the animals and people.  I think his favorites were the goats, sharks, lion, ostrich...and a couple other oddball animals.  He waved at a lot of the animals, but they didn't wave back :(  Ben and I loved the sea lion show and the giraffes...you can actually feed the giraffes.  How cool is that?  I wanted to pet the giraffe, but the zoo guy says she does not like to be pet.  Sad day.  Levi was so exhausted at the end of the day...between us deciding we were leaving and actually making it to the exit, he was zonked out in the stroller :)

We had a picnic lunch...so that means something off of our list.
62.            Go on a picnic.
Oh and while we are at it. Marking this one off...the point was to go to A zoo soo...
44.            Go to the Indianapolis Zoo. 6/2/2012
Hi ostrich!

We also checked out Oley's Pizza.  Urbanspoon.com and our internet guy seem to think it is the best pizza in Fort Wayne.  They specialize in deep dish.  Apparently, there are two locations, but one of them is not the original, they just bought the name...quite deceptive.  We made it to the original on US 24.  It is in a rinky dink strip mall seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  But it was delicious!!!  And great service.  We will definitely go back.  
The website says it can take 45 minutes to make a pizza because they are deep dish so we brought distraction toys.  Ben came up with the brilliant idea to make a snack-mobile out of Levi's pick up truck...Levi could care less...he just wanted the food!

Phew I am tired!

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