31 July 2012

Watch Me Grow!

I just love Levi's colorful diapers ;)

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30 July 2012

A Birthday Post, (Almost) One Month Later

Well you already saw Levi's party, but I still haven't posted his (last) monthly photo and book post.
12 Months
Wow...we made it to a year.  I cannot believe you have been here that long...what a big boy.  We had an awesome "Little Man" birthday party for you.  I was not sure how you would do with so many people around...but you handled it like a champ.  And entertained quite a bit when opening your gifts.  You love the toys that make noise.  You kept pushing the buttons and smiling and dancing to the noises they made.  You love to dance.  You dance at any noise that even slightly sounds like music.  Mommy almost cried when you ate your cake.  I cannot believe that I am the Mommy of a one year old, an amazing one year old at that.  The moment was so surreal for me.  I love you so much.  You finally started crawling this month.  This means our house is extra messy because you get into everything.  Daddy and I cannot keep you out of Daisy's dog food, but we have a hard time keeping Daisy away from you when you eat snacks too.  I have concluded you two just like to share with each other.  You can also pull yourself up now and I think you may be walking real soon.  This month you also learned to "woof" like a dog and it is super cute. Levi Harper McHugh, there is not a day that goes by that we are not so thankful for the blessing you are to our lives.  You bring so much joy, and keep us smiling even when times are rough.  I look forward to what the next year will bring, and then the year after that, and so on.  You are one remarkable little guy.

I just had to share the process of getting this month's photo too.  Not nearly as traumatic as the last two months, but required some Daddy (and Daisy) assistance nonetheless.

Levi's party was the day before his birthday and I still wanted to do something special for him ON his birthday, not that he knows any better.  We saved the gift we got him for his actual day, a Radio Flyer Retro Red Rocket.  I saw this sometime last fall and knew I wanted to get it for his birthday.  But when I went to look for it online in March (?), it had been discontinued.  I was disappointed, but also wanted sure I wanted to pay the big price tag anyways (at least $65.)  Anywho, fast forward to May when I went rummage saling in my favorite Fort Wayne neighborhood.  I pull up to a cute little house and BAM, there it was in all its glory.  I could not believe my eyes.  So I scored it for $20!  I was ecstatic!!!  Levi likes to push its buttons and loves when we push him on it.  He is still not quite big and coordinated enough to get on it himself.  It also vibrates, which scared him for a little while, but he has finally warmed up.  We also took him out for ice cream.  He got his own cone!  Cutie pants.

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25 July 2012

Dog Food

So what happens to the dog food when a baby starts crawling?  Observe:
When he started crawling, we could NOT keep his grabby little hands out of Daisy's food.  I guess they just like to share food because Levi thinks it is hilarious to share with Daisy.  I am in trouble.  (He has really slowed down on this...just not as entertaining as before.  Meant to post forever ago :))
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08 July 2012

The Walker Family

80.            Do a photo-shoot of the Walker family. July 7, 2012

I did a little photo shoot with my sister's family yesterday.  I was so excited to edit them and get them on the blog.  It is the first time I have photographed this many people.  Was it a challenge?  Most definitely.  Was is fun? YES!  Despite two sleepy babies, one toddler who despises having his photo taken, 100 degree weather, and only spending about 30 minutes photographing, I am happy with the results.  I really think these photos capture everyone personalities quite well, which is always the aim of a session in my opinion.  So here are Nathan, Nickie, Naliyah (5 almost 6), Neko (2), and Nahla (1).  (We took these in my Dad's backyard.)

Notice the stark contrast here.  Neko being told to sit still and look at camera versus Neko telling me all about snakes :)
Naliyah was much happier to take photos when I let her be her goofy self.
Doting Big Sis, unhappy baby :)
How beautiful are this Mommy and Daddy!  I love these images of them so much.
Now to the pond where Neko headed before anyone..
I told Neko and Naliyah that they could growl at me...it cheered them up ;)
To give you an even clearer idea of how everyone felt about photos...

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05 July 2012


If you do not already know, I chose a Little Man party theme for Levi's first birthday.  I saw the idea and fell in love when Baby Big Foot was still in my womb....and when we did not know if we were having a boy or girl.  I decided, if its a boy, this is what I am doing for his first birthday party!  Ben made some awesome invites to set the tone for the party.  I tried to incorporate all things mustache and ties.  I made chocolate mustaches again.  The menu consisted of "Poker Chips", "Mr. Fruit", "Pretzel Cigars", "Bowtie Pasta", and "Man-wiches."  We had a photo booth with manly props, a bucket to make a prediction for Levi's future manhood, some manly coloring pages, and bubbles, balls, etc. for kiddos to play with.  It was so hot for the start of the party, then it poured for the second half so I am glad we had the party indoors (even though it makes for lower quality photos. :().  For decor, I used balloons in orange, green, and blue; a couple colorful buntings made of scrapbook paper; centerpieces made of baby food jars filled with Sixlets, mustache quotes, and photos of Levi.  My favorite elements are the napkins that have neckties on them (Cannot remember where I found them online), the awesome bunting made of photos of Levi with a mustache photo-shopped on (I grinned the entire time I spent making these because it was amazing and genius), and all the wonderful family and friends that joined us to celebrate our Little Man.  He is so loved!  I still cannot believe I am the mom of a one year old. Ahhh! Ok enough talk, let the photos speak for themselves.

My niece Nahla was hamming it up every time I pointed the camera at her :)

Levi had a lot of fun, even though he was not so sure at first.  He had fun playing with his friends and eating his cake.  He especially enjoyed opening his gifts, particularly the ones that made noise.  He kept dancing and smiling every time they made a noise.  What a ham!  But it would not have been a great party if it did not result in a pooped baby...

PS I made the tie applique on Levi's shirt...and am pretty proud :)
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