08 July 2012

The Walker Family

80.            Do a photo-shoot of the Walker family. July 7, 2012

I did a little photo shoot with my sister's family yesterday.  I was so excited to edit them and get them on the blog.  It is the first time I have photographed this many people.  Was it a challenge?  Most definitely.  Was is fun? YES!  Despite two sleepy babies, one toddler who despises having his photo taken, 100 degree weather, and only spending about 30 minutes photographing, I am happy with the results.  I really think these photos capture everyone personalities quite well, which is always the aim of a session in my opinion.  So here are Nathan, Nickie, Naliyah (5 almost 6), Neko (2), and Nahla (1).  (We took these in my Dad's backyard.)

Notice the stark contrast here.  Neko being told to sit still and look at camera versus Neko telling me all about snakes :)
Naliyah was much happier to take photos when I let her be her goofy self.
Doting Big Sis, unhappy baby :)
How beautiful are this Mommy and Daddy!  I love these images of them so much.
Now to the pond where Neko headed before anyone..
I told Neko and Naliyah that they could growl at me...it cheered them up ;)
To give you an even clearer idea of how everyone felt about photos...

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