23 August 2012

Casey, Paula, and Baby Paloma (and Luna, too)

Wowzers...I love these photos.  Baby Paloma is set to make her appearance in only 1 month.  Thanks for asking me to take your photos...it was so fun!  I had a very hard time picking favorites.
And my most favorite. *sigh*  I could not decide if I like it better in color or b/w so here is both!
I ask them to kiss, and this is what I get..haha.
And how could we forget Luna, Baby #1.
Pretty family.

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  1. These came out SO GREAT Leitia!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Super cool.All the pics are amazing and you both are looking a cute couple.Now this is time of celebration as a new member is coming.Pooh Baby Shower

  3. Beautiful photographs! How precious to have a family photo shoot to show your little one just how much you are looking forward to her arrival.
    Jill (amiga de tu Abuelita, Paloma)