01 September 2012

Can I take your photo, please?

Hi Friends and Family,

Ok brave face on.  So if you will remember with me, the original intent of this old blog was to help me learn photography...and still is.  Well folks, I picked a very expensive hobby, and I guess that is okay, because I looove, love, love it.  Anyways, I really want some new equipment.  I have really met my limits with my current camera (I mean I can still learn quite a bit with it, and it works wonderfully for a lot of things.)  But I want something that can work better indoors so I can smother you with beautiful pictures of my cutie Levi.  Also my current camera is a very entry level one and was built with a cheaper format that will not accomadate many other lenses, at least if I want to use autofocus, and I do!  So again the problem is, expensive hobby.  So this is where you *hopefully* come in.  I would love to take your photos for a small price.  This will a.) give you some rockin' photos of you b.) help me raise money to buy my new gear c.) continue my learning and d.) be fun.  So really...win-win-win-win.  

But before I ask you to pay for my services or I accept your money, there are some things I want to put out there.  Feel free to skip this paragraph if you wish, but I feel I must say it.  I am in no way "going into business."  I have an end goal in mind, and when I reach it, I will no longer be offering this.   I respect professional photographers, and do not think it fair to offer below market services on the side while they struggle to make a living.  Heck, I may one day want to try it out, but now is not the time and I have a lot to learn before I even consider moving in that direction.  You may read the next paragraph and think, Leitia this price you suggest is not "cheap."   So read this article on why custom photographers charge what they do. And also remember the type of photos and experience you receive through what I do cannot be compared to getting your pictures made at WalMart, etc.

Sooo...what's the deal?  I am asking $125 which will include 1-2 hours shooting at a location of your choosing (or I can if you want.)   This can be just about anything you want: maternity, family, kiddos, couple, solo, newborn, a fun idea you want to try...  If you have never had your photos taken in an on location type shoot, I really encourage it.  It is fun!  You will also get a disc with at least 20 edited photos of your shoot for you to print whenever and wherever you please.   Although, I will highly recommend MPIX over any other printer.  Places like Walmart, Walgreens, etc really are not good. So check them out if you are curious on the cost of prints.   

For the $125, I will come to the Muncie or New Castle area, and of course Fort Wayne.  Any other location, you will also have to pay travel expenses.   

If you do not normally follow my blog and are wondering what to expect, you can browse through some "sessions" I have done with friends and family over the past couple years by clicking on the "photo shoot"  Tag option on the left hand side of the page.  I learn a lot...I mean A LOT with every shoot I do, so they hopefully get better over time.  If you do not want to browse through, I made a slide show with some of my personal favorites....

Email me if you are interested: leimchugh[at]gmail[dot]com

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