05 September 2012


So I have been wanting to experiment with motion more, namely slow shutter speed on the camera.  I did a little when I was taking my photography class and shot a couple cool fireworks, but then I forgot it.  But it is an effect I really love with the camera.  I am reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson right now.  (Which I highly recommend if you are interested in photography.)  I have been itching to play with car lights at night, and look forward to playing with a much busier road someday.  Anyway I pulled my model outside and made him sit really still while I slowed my shutter speed way down (to 1 second) to capture the motion of the car lights behind Ben.  We waited for a larger group of cars (6 or so) and click!  Yay!!!

I plan on doing more play with the slow shutter speed!  And if you care, a couple things I may have done differently.  Slowed the shutter speed a bit more to capture more lights. And turned his face to my left, his right, to capture more of the street light and get rid of some of the ugly shadows.

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