19 September 2012

Help me decide!

So all my shooting lately has me realizing I am a little clueless on great lighting for portraits.  Sometimes I get lucky and it works, but to grow I need to know what to look for.  I have been reading a lot and read this one last night...just what I needed.  I am looking for that light that makes skin tones beautiful and eyes sparkle.  Levi and I went on a walk for me to practice today...he was not a very willing subject!  I need an adult to let me direct them around all day to really practice.  Anyways, I just edited one sparkly eyes photos...I am also practicing editing...so help a girl out.  Do you prefer edit one or two, or be honest and say "I cannot tell the difference"?  Please leave a comment to help me out!!!  Thanks.

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  1. I like Edit 1.

    Edit 2 seems to make Levi's face brighter/pinker? I don't know how to describe it but I think the 1st looks like a great "natural" shot while the 2nd looks like you did something to it.

  2. I also like Edit 1--I like that his skin tone/features in 1 are a little more shadowy/defined. (He is a beautiful subject, btw. So glad we got to meet him.) :)