10 September 2012

Learning to Edit

I have been trying to learn a decent "clean edit" workflow, and finding it difficult to get what I want.  By clean, I mean bold colors, bright skins, and no color casts.  None of those fancy effects or murky colors or anything.  I finally found a couple resources that are amazing.  I joined the forums at clickinmoms.com today, and OMG it has already been worth the cost to join.  There are tons of great resources on there.  If you are like, Leitia what do you mean or who cares?  Why do you even have to edit?  Well most great photos you see are edited, and I now shoot in RAW which means the camera does not do any auto boost settings for you. Meaning dull and flat but loaded with information. So lets observe...

This is the RAW file straight out of the camera...eww Leitia what a horrible photographer..haha jk.

This is when I tried to edit it the first time and posted on FB...ehh it is kinda cold.

This is my happy, clean edit!  Yay!

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