20 September 2012

Running Wild: The Thompsons

My cousin Kristen who lives in Louisville asked me to take photos of her little family.  We had never met each other's family, but we both blog so it kinda seemed like we already had met.  Anyways, I have to admit, about 15 minutes into this shoot, I was inwardly freaking out.  This 19 month old boy was not going to sit still for more than one second at a time.  He wanted to run free and do his own thing.  How on earth was I going to photograph him?   But then I said "Leitia, you got this."  When I photograph people, I want the photos to represent the person at that time, and I think these photos do just that.  It was a lot of fun chasing around a wild toddler, and I now know what I am in for in a few more months.  (And please excuse me as I figure out my favorite formats to do these posts in...)
"Can I please have that firetruck?"
Mama was worried about his pants sagging and shirt bunching up.  I said "Perfection." :)
Hey, pretty Mama!
So this kid loves airplanes, and one just so happened to fly by.  Thank you airplane!
Grandpa and Grandma came along to watch the dogs, but I caught these moments...

Cute family, huh?
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