27 October 2012

Setting Goals

So there is a photography certificate program at IPFW (IU, Purdue Fort Wayne).  It consists of one year with 6 classes, 1 at a time.  I really, really wanted to do it so I could push my photography skills forward.  I definitely work best in person with people that I can ask all my questions to, as opposed to online.  But I was on the waiting list, and never got in.  Boo.  However I decided to set some goals for myself to help me grow, and was able to pick the exact things that I want to learn, or to get better at.   So this is my plan for the next year.  I know goals are supposed to be measurable, and these really are not, but oh well.  Also, I hate how much time I sit on the dang computer, so I am trying to avoid it as much as possible-so that is why I will be using lots of books.  Anything you would add? Am I being too ambitious?

Processing and Posing
1.       "Get" white balance, skin tones, removing color casts, etc.
b.      Get my monitor calibrated.
2.       Learn to remove stray hairs.
a.       Online tutorials
3.       Posing
b.      Create inspiration files/boards

1.       Improve understanding of natural light
a.       Practice
b.      Watch light
f.        Learn to use reflector and scrim
2.       Learn to use speedlight indoors
a.       Shooting in Sh*tty Light by Lindsey Adler and Erik Valind

Vision and Inspiration
1.       Shooting portraits that tell a story
b.      Play with light
c.       Read 2 photojournalism books:  Photography as Activism by Michelle Bogre and ????
2.       Creating Vision

In Action (In addition to general practice and working through instruction books...)
           a. Shoot 2-3 individual female portrait sessions.
           b. Shoot 2-3 in home family lifestyle sessions.
           c. 2013 365 project (I will take and post a photo a day for the year.) 
           d.  Maybe not next year, but someday:  Online Mentoring Session with Yan Photography!

And one final note, I bought a domain name!!!  So my blog is now www.leitiamchugh.com instead of www.mrsmchugh.blogspot.com.  If you follow my blog somewhere, you may need to update?  I was lucky my domain name was still available ;)

Oh wait, a photo.

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18 October 2012

Baby On the Run

 Levi gets pumped when he is outside in an open area.  He all like "Yea, time to run...Independence!."  So when we go outside to hang, he just takes off down the sidewalk towards the road, looking back with that cute little mischievous smile of his.  This is us hanging outside the apartment...

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17 October 2012

I did it, I panned!

So I have tried panning a few times now.  That is when your moving subject is in focus while the background is not.  This requires following a moving subject, and is not the easiest task.  I learned a couple more tips on the Clickin Walk I did a few weeks back.  I also thought trying on slower moving subjects than cars or something may work.  Ben and I went on a date to the Maker Fair in Fort Wayne, and I did it finally.  There are a couple more cool photos below :)

PS I updated my "Inspiration" page if you want to peek at some amazing, inspiring photographers!
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11 October 2012

October 10 on 10

Hey hey!  In August I started linking up on a blog I follow.  The idea is on the 10th of every month you take a photo every hour for 10 hours straight focusing on the joy and beauty of every day life.  I missed September's.  We had visitors on this 10th of the month, and made a trip the Science Central!  Caution: Baby nudity in post :)

9:30am Snuggle Chair 10:30am Cookies! 11:30am Choo-choo 12:30pm Mmm Pizza 1:30pm Pretty Samantha 2:30pm Water Fall 3:30pm Great Grandma Love 4:30pm Reeeeeed Robin 5:30pm Balloon Face Daddy 6:30pm Baby Butt

ten on ten button

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09 October 2012

08 October 2012

A Reminder

Just a reminder that I am offering photo sessions for family and friends to raise money for a new camera.  You will receive the cute DVD packaged as below with at least 25 images.  Everyone has received more so far and have been very pleased with their photos!  Contact me if you are interested.  If we set something up now, you can have them in time for Christmas cards or gifts for family.

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Imaginary Friends

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06 October 2012


Well, Christmas came early for a certain little boy in our household.  Levi loooves train sets.  He always plays with one at the library, and I take him into Barnes and Nobles to play with theirs.  He just makes circles round and round the train table making "ooh" sounds repeatedly.  Great-Grandpa Coleman witnessed his love of train sets, and got it in his head he would get Levi one.  I was thinking small oval starter track...apparently he was thinking ginganto table with full train set and all the other bells and whistles.  So today he shows up at our house with a large box.  Ben put together the 3' by 4' table during naptime...and it took every bit of 2 hours not including the full track assembly.  Levi was very happy to wake up to this surprise.  I am still figuring out how we are going to live around this huge toy.  He played with the set from nap wake up until bed time tonight-4 hours straight.  To say he loves it would be an understatement.  I look forward to a future basement for its storage ;)  For now, we have a large train coffee table!

 He is real serious when he plays with trains too..funny.  Hey, and I played with my new flash for these photos too!

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