04 October 2012

Clickin' Walk

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I joined a forum called Clickin' Moms that has become a source of mega awesome inspiration and learning tools.  Well they sponsor an annual Clickin' Walk all around the country focused on street photography.  There was one in Fort Wayne last weekend and I got to participate.  It was great to meet some other local photographers, and walk through downtown making photographs.  While it was fun, and I came up with a few cool photos, I reaffirmed with myself that my favorite subjects are people.  Since I do not have a zoom lens at this time, it is really hard to do street photography of people without them knowing I am taking their photo.  My lens requires I get pretty personal.  I did get brave enough to ask a couple people permission to take their photo, but the coolest street photographs of people are candid, in my opinion.  The couple pictured below were so cute.  They were just sitting together enjoying the park, and it turns out the husband is into photography too!

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