11 October 2012

October 10 on 10

Hey hey!  In August I started linking up on a blog I follow.  The idea is on the 10th of every month you take a photo every hour for 10 hours straight focusing on the joy and beauty of every day life.  I missed September's.  We had visitors on this 10th of the month, and made a trip the Science Central!  Caution: Baby nudity in post :)

9:30am Snuggle Chair 10:30am Cookies! 11:30am Choo-choo 12:30pm Mmm Pizza 1:30pm Pretty Samantha 2:30pm Water Fall 3:30pm Great Grandma Love 4:30pm Reeeeeed Robin 5:30pm Balloon Face Daddy 6:30pm Baby Butt

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