06 October 2012


Well, Christmas came early for a certain little boy in our household.  Levi loooves train sets.  He always plays with one at the library, and I take him into Barnes and Nobles to play with theirs.  He just makes circles round and round the train table making "ooh" sounds repeatedly.  Great-Grandpa Coleman witnessed his love of train sets, and got it in his head he would get Levi one.  I was thinking small oval starter track...apparently he was thinking ginganto table with full train set and all the other bells and whistles.  So today he shows up at our house with a large box.  Ben put together the 3' by 4' table during naptime...and it took every bit of 2 hours not including the full track assembly.  Levi was very happy to wake up to this surprise.  I am still figuring out how we are going to live around this huge toy.  He played with the set from nap wake up until bed time tonight-4 hours straight.  To say he loves it would be an understatement.  I look forward to a future basement for its storage ;)  For now, we have a large train coffee table!

 He is real serious when he plays with trains too..funny.  Hey, and I played with my new flash for these photos too!

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  1. WOW! That train set is awesome! I love all of the buildings and bridges and extra features...that's amazing that it kept his attention for 4 hours, too. His 'serious business' face is so cute! :)