14 November 2012


A couple months ago, I joined a local photography "club."  Great decision, I am learning so many things by interacting with other photographers.  This week, they set up a model shoot after the meeting.  O goodness, I love these images.  Shooting models was pretty easy because they already know how to pose themselves beautifully, and I am still not very knowledgeable about posing people-I tend to shoot more candidly. We also learned about off camera flash, and got to play with some of the equipment.  I was so thankful to learn more about it, even though it confirmed in me that it is not my style (I prefer working with available light.)  I appreciate it in others, and am happy to have a better understanding.  I am sure you can pick out the four shot with lighting equipment. After doing these, I want my 85 mm lens I am saving for so much more, the lens I have is really not the best portrait lens for individuals :(   Enjoy :)

That last one is my fave..ahhhhh!!!!
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13 November 2012

Little Engineer

Finally my Halloween post... Levi dressed as a dragon when we went to Halloween at the Zoo, but the head was pretty floppy, so I decided to use some on hand clothes to dress him as a train engineer. O goodness, he looked so adorable, I could not stop taking photos of him.

We took him to the mall for Trick-or-Treating.  That was a madhouse.  There were sooo many kids, and very few stores giving out candy.  Levi really loved looking at everyone, and could care less abut the candy.  So we bought Yum-Mee cupcakes and hung by the water fountain.  Levi enjoyed the one piece of candy he could have, and Ben and I took the other four pieces :)

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12 November 2012

Catching the Sun

My brother and his girlfriend visited a few weeks ago, and naturally I took the the opportunity to take on a couple willing models to help me learn to use natural light better.  The outdoors photos were taking in the last 10 minutes of daylight.  The sun was setting fast, and I had my ISO cranked to 800 and did not want to crank anymore because my little camera really, really struggles even as low as 800.  If you look you can see the grain...I also had to slow my shutter speed way, way down so they are not crystal clear, but I thought they were cute nonetheless, and I like the golden sunshine light on them.  PS Isn't my puppy adorable???

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11 November 2012

The Love of My Life

Dear Lovr, Thank you for always being willing to experiment with me when I am trying to learn new things about photography...

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10 November 2012

10 on 10 November

Still feel moody so all black and white for you.  Also please forgive me, I slept through one of the times :/
9am Cuties 10am Brunch with Friends 11am Tired Momma 12pm Sleeping Momma 2pm Family Walk 3pm Window Seal 4pm Stud 5pm Appetizer 6pm Nighttime  
ten on ten button
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08 November 2012

Melissa and Will: Free

A couple weeks ago…okay three weeks ago I took photos of my little cousins-in-laws.  They were so willing! BUT I was not really prepared for that.  I usually am shooting a crazy never stopping toddler.  Anyways, I wanted them to have fun so I tried my best to encourage them to be themselves.  Hopefully, you see their awesome, but very different personalities in their photos.  I also loooove how much you can see how much they love each other.  So sweet…and fun.  We went to a park that seemed to have been where every other photographer in Northwest Indiana was that same day.  The place was swarming…so weird.  I think we had the most fun with our shoot though:) (One last note, I was feeling moody when I was editing so more black and whites than usual!)

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