08 November 2012

Melissa and Will: Free

A couple weeks ago…okay three weeks ago I took photos of my little cousins-in-laws.  They were so willing! BUT I was not really prepared for that.  I usually am shooting a crazy never stopping toddler.  Anyways, I wanted them to have fun so I tried my best to encourage them to be themselves.  Hopefully, you see their awesome, but very different personalities in their photos.  I also loooove how much you can see how much they love each other.  So sweet…and fun.  We went to a park that seemed to have been where every other photographer in Northwest Indiana was that same day.  The place was swarming…so weird.  I think we had the most fun with our shoot though:) (One last note, I was feeling moody when I was editing so more black and whites than usual!)

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  1. these are so, so great, leitia! it's awesome to see how you improve with each post. i'm inspired.

  2. Thank Laura! You are such a wonderful encourager!