14 November 2012


A couple months ago, I joined a local photography "club."  Great decision, I am learning so many things by interacting with other photographers.  This week, they set up a model shoot after the meeting.  O goodness, I love these images.  Shooting models was pretty easy because they already know how to pose themselves beautifully, and I am still not very knowledgeable about posing people-I tend to shoot more candidly. We also learned about off camera flash, and got to play with some of the equipment.  I was so thankful to learn more about it, even though it confirmed in me that it is not my style (I prefer working with available light.)  I appreciate it in others, and am happy to have a better understanding.  I am sure you can pick out the four shot with lighting equipment. After doing these, I want my 85 mm lens I am saving for so much more, the lens I have is really not the best portrait lens for individuals :(   Enjoy :)

That last one is my fave..ahhhhh!!!!
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