04 January 2013

Film, Oh Sweetness

Ok so I just got twoish rolls of film back, and am pumped right now, like I was dancing around the house like a crazy woman....But before I share, let me back up.  Film is scary...at least to me.  I took a chance buying a  digital SLR camera a few year back.  Digital is what made me feel confident enough to give photography a try.  If I screw up, I am not throwing money out the window.  I felt I could learn quicker and better. Overall, less scary.  Oh and why shoot film in this century!  

But I have noticed something-many of my most favorite photographers shoot film...what the heck!  And I just love the look and feel of their work.  But they are amazing artists who know a heck ton about photography that I don't and if I tried film surely it would be exposed wrong, out of focus...and everything awful.  But when I realized there is no way to achieve that film look and feel I love, I found myself thinking... If I just knew somebody with a film SLR that I could just try one role of film... and see how it goes.  That would be fun...but who? 

 Until I got to talking with my mother in law---who I had forgotten has a film SLR that her and Ben bought when he was in high school.  Perfect, and she even gave me film.  I was sucked in before I ever even got the film developed.  Then last week, my Grandpa is all "Leitia, you know about cameras, right?"  And he brings out his late brother's Canon FTB that was released in the 70s with several lenses and original manual and all.  Whoa that thing seems intimidating.  I mean it is manual everything-focusing, no auto exposure option (not that I use that anyways :)), manual frame advance, and hand winding.  But it is really, really simple.  Not all those extra functions that modern cameras have.  So fun!  

So here I am with two film SLRs handed to me with film and all. Love!  The Canon EOS300 (newer one from Mother in Law) is an entry level film SLR and the lens on it is so...slow...  Especially after using a much faster lens these past couple years.  So I went to Jack's in Muncie last week to see about getting a cheap used 50mm lens that is much faster and sharper for the EOS300.  But the cheapest was just buying a brand new 50mm.  So I asked how much the camera retails for...a whopping $30ish bucks.  Thus, I realized I would be better off buying a used Nikon film camera since I own a digital Nikon, then I can use my lenses for both cameras.  I now have the used Nikon D7000 (the digital one I have been saving for) and a used Nikon F100 film (a very, very good 35mm film camera) in the mail all for the price of the new D7000.  Eeeeek!!!  Oh I also read Film Is Not Dead by Jonathan Canlas, which is wonderful and inspiring. 

 I am not giving up digital.  Both are wonderful and have their place.   The reasons why I want to play with film:
1.  The look and feel.  The soft grain and pastel colors. Yum.
2.  Forces me to sloooow down.  To think about my shot and exposure more.  I really think it will help understand the technical aspects of photography more.
3.  Getting film developed is like Christmas many times a year.  The anticipation and surprise is amazing.
4.  Makes me feel confident.  For some reason, I feel like not knowing how to shoot on film makes me a bad photographer.  This is silly though.  It is like saying "I am a bad mom because I fed my kid McDonald's today."
5.  All the cool kids are doing it.

Are you bored and ready for photos yet???

A couple notes:  All of these are shot on generic film and developed at Walgreens.  I will soon use better film and get developed at a better lab.  This first set is shot with the Canon EOS300.  Robin had half a role of color film left and I shot one role of BW on it too.

This next set is on the Canon FTB from the 70s.  I am confused about loading the film on this one, and think I need to take it somewhere to have someone show me how to work it better.  I got 12 exposures, and 6 of them turned out weird...

If you know where I went wrong, help!  Of the other 6, I am in absolute love with three.

Ok goodbye!

PS Dad, show those last 4 to Grandpa :)

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