17 February 2013

My Sunshine When Skies Are Grey: Days 25-48

Forgive me. I know I committed to a photo a day....and did really well for 24 days.  But sometimes hard things happen, and you are thrown off course.  We had that happen.  It was a hard, emotional few weeks...and I just lost motivation and inspiration.  I have been nagging myself to get back on track, continue with this goal that inspires me, but it is hard.  I am trying to start now.  I did pick up my camera a few times in the past weeks, mostly to capture my little boy being silly and fun.  It is really nice having him around when you are down.  He makes it really hard to go long without smiling.  There was a night about a month ago when I came home from the store, and just had a break down that women sometimes have for no apparent reason, and this little turd just laughed at me while I cried.  I did not cry long, before I too was laughing.  I love him so much.  These pictures are nothing special technically speaking, but they are my son---the one who kept me going these past few weeks.  

 Silly Boy
Playing "chase" at the mall with a new friend.
Playing "knock the blocks down" with Papa McHugh
Celebrating the grand opening of Culver's by our house on my birthday
 New skill: lining up cars
Hmmmm...which toy do I want?  (He loves looking at the toys at the store, but luckily he is okay just saying "bye bye" to them without buying one when we are done.  I know that will change eventually.)
Helping mommy clean
 Valentine's for my two loves
 Valentine's FROM my two loves :)

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  1. Knock the Blocks looks like great fun! And how funny that he lines up his cars like that. He is so handsome, especially in that darling sweater. :)