08 March 2013


Some recent "daily"  photos...I cannot keep count of day numbers anymore---too much work!

Taco Soup (I use this recipe from Becky Earl.)
Pentatonix Concert in Chicago along with Lou Malnati's Pizza!....Please, please go check them out.  

Levi has been a sick little guy this week.  He had a fever over the weekend, and was sad. 

Night of the Big Snow

Forcing my son to play in the snow because I am an awesome mom  He was still feeling icky so did not enjoy it much...especially after taking off his glove and sticking his bare hand in the snow :(

This is the snow fort I made lol....A fort for Han Solo.  I promise it would have been better if Levi was happy.  
47.  Build a snow fort. March 2013

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