24 May 2013


So I close to never use my external flash, especially since I got my new camera.  I was setting up this shot, and while I love a glowing, back lit shot...It was early morning and I just did not have enough front light to balance the strong back light...and moving Levi was not an option.   The first shot was just too muddy. 

 SO I thought, hey I will bust out Mr. Flash.  It was too much for my taste at first.  (Yes I know he is not in focus, but I was testing the intensity of the flash.)

So I then turn my flash compensation (Is that what it is called?)  all the way down so I just got a tiny hit of fill light....And I actually liked it.  (I know it would have been better to bounce off the wall and not the ceiling, but my dining walls are green and I do not want to deal with the green color cast.)  

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