12 June 2013


See this adorable, smiling little boy?

He absolutely did NOT want me to take photos of him with his family.  

Rachel and her husband asked me to take photos of their recently expanded family. Rachel was the first person to really befriend me when we moved to Fort Wayne last year, and we have hung out a lot since then.  Her middle son is  Levi's age, and I am sure someday when they learn to play with each other, they will be great friends.  I personally want to be like Rachel when I grow up.  She is a super mom with such a laid back approach to parenting, and she gardens and makes all her food from scratch.  So cool.  Craig is a very talented photographer with far more technical knowledge than me.  (Can you say "intimidating?" ;)) They just welcomed their third son, sweet little Daniel. They mostly wanted a few shots of the whole family because the tripod selfies  were not working.

 I have only taken photos of family's with more than one kid once, that would be my sister's family...and it went down about like this one.  A child who absolutely wants nothing to do with getting photos taken.   And in this case a Little Brother who wants to copy his Big Bro, just in that moment where Big Bro decides to cooperate.  At the very least, there are some photos of a Dad who is rarely in front of the camera enjoying his boys.  

PS My rubber Mr. Chicken was a hit with the boys! Also, isn't Andrew adorable with his bare feet pushing along his tricycle? And, isn't Rachel beautiful...and just two weeks after giving birth to her third child?

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