07 June 2013

Hey There Mr. Bed

Update 7/2/13:  I finally posted after photos of our Jenny Lind beauty!  You can see it here: http://www.leitiamchugh.com/2015/07/levis-jenny-lind-bed-and-big-boy-room.html

Woot...I scored a Jenny Lind twin size bed for Levi's big boy room today!!!  Isn't he lovely??

I posted on Facebook a few months ago that I was looking for a Jenny Lind style standard twin bed for Levi's room.  I have been inspired by many rooms online, and I adore this style. 

 via PepperButtons
 It is named after Jenny Lind, an opera singer?, because she was known for loving the spindle/spool style furniture.  They have been making this style of bed since the late 1800s I believe.  And still do, mostly cribs though.  The Land of Nod sells one for $550 (!!! wowsers) and walmart has one for about $250 that has terrible reviews.  

I was determined to find one used.  They are hard to find!!!   It took three months of scouring Craigslist.  I have been watching every city within a four hour radius...using search terms like "Jenny Lind," "spindle bed," "antique/vintage bed" and just plain "twin bed" after a while.  I find 3/4 and full beds in this style all the time.  Twins are tough.  And I found a couple here and there...either asking way too much and way too far a drive or already sold.  My max I wanted to spend was $100...but was hoping to get a really good deal.  I even drove to Auburn just to look at two "spindle beds" for $10 each. I remember the rush as I drove there thinking I had finally found it, and I was going to buy both and shout to the world what a great deal I got.  Alas, not the right thing.  (She had no pictures at the time.)  Deflated.  

But today, it was mine!  I found it using the search "twin bed," and under the title "Antique and Attic Finds Sale."  It was just listed as twin bed, BUT there was a picture.  And it was IN Fort Wayne.  It was not a steal, but at $75 after three months of searching, I am happy.  Honestly, it is not quite as spindley, chunky, curvy as I really wanted...but maybe I will find one of those for my next kiddo someday. 

We will be painting his black likely, as inspired by this image.
2012jack04_rect540 via Apartment Therapy

Cannot wait to show you it once it is in Levi's room.  I also got a beautiful mid century, great condition side table today and a cool slide for Levi.   I am trying to not buy things that turn into projects (as I have many things calling my name in the garage) , and these two are perfect as is.   Can you tell I really love rummage sales? And I might add, I think Fort Wayne is the best city for rummaging.

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  1. funny i googled jenny lind bed, as I just got one for my son, his name is Levi too!