12 June 2013

Mini Trip

Our friend Tim got married two weekends ago.  He is a good friend of Ben's from his high school days and stood up in our wedding.  So we planned a mini trip around the wedding festivities.  It was in central Illinois which is a 5 hour trip from our house.  We planned it so that we got to make an IKEA trip in Chicago, and Ben got to go with his friend Rick down for the bachelor party and rehearsal and such.  Levi and I stayed back with Ben's parents, and got to hang out with Jen and little Devany at the park and go to the coolest train restaurant.  The place had a train display, a mini train to ride on, AND our food was brought to us on a train!  How cool!  The kids loved it...and so did I.   Then Saturday we went to the wedding, and enjoyed time with friends...and got to stay in a hotel kid free :)  My and Jen's three hour drive on Saturday may or may not have included a half hour crying competition between the two little ones.  Devany let out high pitched screams while Levi wailed "No, no, no, no."  I think he was telling Devany to be quiet.  Here are some of the favorite pictures from the weekend...I posted all of them on Facebook too.   

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