24 June 2013

Toddler In Bed

I took these photos on the Nikon F100 film camera back in February...it took me that long to get them developed.  I tried out a reputable lab, Indie Film Lab, this time instead of Walgreens.  They are better, but I am not sure twice the price better.  Sadly, I no longer have my F100...I returned it a couple times because of flaws...and never re-bought it.  I may get it again when I have more money because it is a lot of fun!  Here are some photos of Levi playing on our bed. I had to use a super slow shutter speed and the F100 does not have fast enough autofocus for a toddler so I switched back and forth between auto and manual focus---hence blur and missed focus.  I love them anyways...the charm of film.  (I have more photos from the roll for another post or two.)

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