29 August 2013

I Made a Teepee and Am the Mom of a Two Year Old

Levi turned two approximately 2 months ago. Behind I know.  Anyways, I made him this teepee for his birthday.  It is fun, and helps fill his huge room.  I followed this tutorial http://www.sewmamasew.com/2008/07/summer-sewing-childs-tent/.  Let me just say, it was not fun---and not as simple as I thought.  I cussed quite a bit while making it.  I don't cuss.   Like seriously said "ouchie" in child birth.  So.  It cost less than $30 and  would have cost $150 to buy something similar (albeit better.)  Note: The fabric is too short.

In other news, I am the Mom to a two year old, and I love it.  2 is so fun.  So far I think every age is more fun than the last.  
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06 August 2013

Levi's First Hair Cut

It may have taken him a full two years to get to this point, but Levi finally had his first hair cut!  He did so well.  I thought for sure he would cry the whole time, but he was so big and brave :)

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