03 October 2013

Cardboard Box Party

I know I posted photos on Facebook already, but I wanted to get Levi's 2nd Birthday party on my blog.  I chose a cardboard box theme because it seemed fun and we had a ton of boxes already.  I only spent about $30 on the party not including food.  Ben and I made the invites ourselves of course.  I bought red balloons, red cardstock, boxes for the food, and red washi tape.  Everything was super easy to make.  The little cardboard flowers were mostly made by our crafty little neighbor.  She also made Levi's cool flag.  The big hit of the party was probably the homemade cupcakes and ice creams that I slaved over ;)  Everyone seemed to have a great time---Levi may have been overwhelmed by so many people.  I was on cloud nine.  I loved hosting a big bunch of people I love in our new house.  It is great to have a place that I can do it!!!

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